I look forward to growing Old and Wise and Audacious.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wiser and wider. Being Liberal, what's in it for me!

Last week I celebrated a milestone birthday.

Mike, planned and organized quite the extravaganza starting with an invitation to my Sweet 60 teenth to many friends and neighbours that I have had throughout my lifetime.

Cards, no gifts with a contribution towards a commemorative seat plaque in the Sid Williams Theatre was all I requested. The invitation list included people across the political spectrum from the right to the left; a large number who are nonpartisan , a wee microcosm of Canada. The Seat plaques are part of an ongoing fundraising campaign "This seats for You" which assists with the maintenance of this wonderful community theatre. With slightly over $1,000 already collected it will purchase a Platinum plaque which I want to have engraved with the following.

<em>"What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play, life is a Cabaret, old chum, come to the Cabaret." Dove's Sweet 60 teenth September, 2007

Which brings me to the purpose of todays blog. A question asked by one of my Conservative neighbours. What makes you tick? Why would you turn a Birthday into a Fundraiser for a community organization? You did it for your 50Th and now your 60Th and I think it is a wonderful idea, both of your ZERO birthdays have been a whoppin success.It certainly beats waiting until a person dies to donate to a cause.

I really had to think about my answer and I realize it has alot to do with being a card carrying member of the Liberal party, Not that every Liberal thinks like I/we do but there was a group of us active in Vancouver Quadra and Point Grey Liberal associations who worked against all odds back in the years where no liberal ever got elected. Those years I was part of the BCWLC, the heart and soul of the Liberal Party. We organized fun events raising money for our ridings, theme dinners taking over entire restaurants, Brock House, The Afghan Horseman, every visiting MP and Cabinet Minister wanted to play piano, sing or act in our skits, we had fun and lots of it. That was then. Since 1984 JNT was elected in Vancouver Quadra and a series of other Urban ridings elected MP's the Liberal's are all about power; they have no idea that it must also be FUN.

Living in paradise has changed much of our focus to local politics and doing the things we can, where we live , which is not Liberal. because we are Liberal we have the ability to fit in with every group, we can have people who are diverse come together for a personal party and all have FUN, give to the same cause.

Yes, I am wiser and wider. The Liberal Party has not been good to me, I have been good to the Liberal Party.