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Friday, February 23, 2007


The following is an excerpt from an email sent to me by a former Liberal Cabinet Minister, Privy Councillor, Order of Canada, Order of BC recipient.

Speaking of Walls, if you see a Globe and Mail today look at the large picture on the front page...The Government has put up a blue brick wall, fronted with flags as a backdrop for External Minister McKay, Ms. Rice and Mexico's Foreign Minister's forthcoming new conference....in order to cut out the Statue of Lester Pearson and the Nobel Peace Prize that would ordinarily have been seen in pictures (it is in the main entrance Hall of the Lester Pearson Building)! I doubt Canada has ever seen such a Partisan performance.

Hatred is a weakness, and I believe Stephen Harpers Hatred of the Liberals and all we have done in building this country will also be his weakness when the opportunity for Canadians to elect a real Prime Ministerial Leader Stephane Dion at the next federal Election. PMSH is counting on election fatigue in keeping him in power just long enough to show his real contempt for all things Liberal.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A few Good ........................

The LPC under the leadership of Stephane Dion is "getting it done."

IMHO and humble it is, I am pleased to see the following people being placed in the Leaders Trust to perform tasks that are at the best of times brutalizing challenges. I applaud the appointment of Cochairs Pam MacDonald and Bruce Young to run the LPC BC Election campaign. In addition I was very happy when I read PublicEyeOnline the name of Dean Crawford heading up the Green light committee, which I understand is in the green and actively seeking Candidates for election 2007. These signals show me that we are once again an inclusive Liberal Party and the future is where we can affect change.It is honest of me to also mention that each of these 3 were once upon a time YLC key players when I first met them many years ago they all know first hand the responsibility placed upon them.

Yes, 1/3 of BC candidates will be women.... whether or not the Nominations are uncontested, contested or appointments this is of critical importance to the Leader.
I am also very intrigued with some of the rumours I'm getting about the women who want some very high profile nominations. As much as I love to see hotly contested nomination meetings, I would be happier if all the women fought nominations against men rather than woman to woman.

In truth; No I wouldn't, in my wildest dreams of nominations it is the appointed ones that work best, quick , clean and a Leaders personal choice. Show me a leaders choice who didn't get elected. The 1 glaring nomination that did not happen the way the Leader wanted it was back in 1988 when John N. Turner asked Maude Barlow to run, she sought and won a nomination in a riding around Ottawa,the hitch came with a redistribution of ridings occurred before the writ was dropped and she had to go after the nomination in the new riding against Mac Harb who was a single interest candidate and stacked his antichoice people against Maude ( every woman I know who has lost the nod was due to this phenomena). Now if Maude Barlow had been an appointed candidate I wager she would be in the Senate today, as for the Council of Canadians who knows if her loss in 88 was their gain of 2 decades.

That is my pearl of wiseness for the day.

A Vancouver Sun Exclusive

Telus halts sale of Adult content on cellphones. There will be no formal annoucement of the decision.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Adult Content prompts suit against phone company

The Vancouver Sun Thursday February 15th News Update page B2.

You will have to look it up without my technical knownothow to assist you in a speedy read.

The talking point from a Telus spokesperson who said Telus was not offering "X rated material" but "single model nudity that involves no sexual activity". He said Telus was offering the service so customers could visit "legal and safe sites".

The Law Makers in our land have their hands full keeping up with technologies that push the envelope. It is about our environment, our health and yes our sensibilities.

I agreed with Pierre Elliot Trudeau who reminded us that the State has no place in the bedrooms of the nation. In this case I do think the State has a stake in what is allowed on cell phones in our frontrooms, in our public spaces all over this nation.

IMHO The more we accept the exploitation of women,and even men for that matter the less respect we have for ourselves.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

LPCQ is on the leading edge.Where is the LPCBC on this ?


The Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) announces the launch of a micro website for each one of its 75 riding associations
For Immediate Release

February 12, 2007

MONTREAL (QC) - Always at the service of the citizens in all of Quebec’s regions, the LPC(Q) is proud to announce the launch of 75 riding websites, that is to say one micro site for each of its 75 riding associations throughout Quebec.

Each of these riding sites are accessible directly from the LPC(Q) new website, at www.lpcq.ca, in the top left section “Find Your Riding”. You can also download a list of all riding domain names by clicking HERE.

Easy to update, linked up to the website of the Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec), these 75 riding association micro sites will allow federal Liberals in Quebec to share their ideas and better communicate with one another. They will also allow the Liberal Party of Canada and its Leader, the Honourable Stéphane Dion, to better respond to the expectations of Quebecer in all of Quebec’s regions. At last, but not the least, these 75 websites will help Liberal associations to better communicate the values of the party and those of its leader, to develop ever more innovative and progressive policy resolutions, to recruit new members, to get up funds and of course to prepare itself for the next elections.

The presidents and communication agents of Quebec’s Liberal federal associations will receive, in the weeks to come, a training that will allow them to very easily update their website. In the meantime, the public and all Liberal members can already discover their riding website, join the Liberal Party of Canada and even make a donation online which will fully be transferred to their local riding association. Other interactive tools of communication (e.g., political forums, blogs, etc.) will also come to complete these micro sites in the months to come.

The launch of these 75 micro websites is a first in Canada! Indeed, this is the very first time a federal political party equips each of its riding associations in a given province with such a political tool. This technological innovation will notably allow the Liberal Party of Canada and its Leader, the Honourable Stéphane Dion, to consult with and inform the citizens in all of Quebec’s regions. It will also allow the Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) to offer a similar micro website to each one of its 75 candidates during the upcoming election.

In sum, this communication breakthrough places Stéphane Dion’s Liberals at the forefront of Canadian e-democracy.

More information is available on the website of the LPC(Q), at www.lpcq.ca.


For more information, please contact:
Fabrice Rivault
Director, Communications & policy
Liberal Party of Canada (Québec)
(514) 381-8888

Tim Tierney

It is .............So!

Bourgue news did a piece on this and it can be found when the words "Telus & porn" are Googled.PPV for hockey or a Movie is one thing, but trying to defend this for profit stinks.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Telus Pimps Porn

My Husband asks me what I know about the latest on Telus providing a new service for it's cell phone customers.

As I've been busy reading books and soaking up the fact that it is he who must serve as I go to the Chiropractor and massage therapist the last few weeks , and this question I know is one of his tests of my knowledge of the most current of events. I am lost for words. Somehow I missed this all insidious news which he read in the back pages of the newspaper or a news magazine, and he can't quite find the article but will make a point of saving it for me when he does find it.

Have any of you out in the blogosphere heard of this service? Telus is now providing it's cell phone customers with pornography.How can that be controlled when so many of our children have the use of cell phones often bought by well meaning parents. It is just one more insidious erosion of our civilized society.

Tell me it ain't so.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


The Next Generation of women in LPC politics often do not know the Herstory/History of who Judy LaMarsh was and how important her legacy is to Canadians. I think the timing is ripe for a quick read of this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judy_LaMarsh

It is through the past 20 plus years of the Judy LaMarsh Fund that Women who won Liberal Nominations received funds to assist them in their riding campaigns.

When you write out that cheque or swipe your credit card for the Liberal cause make it count and direct it to the Judy LaMarsh Fund where 100% goes to women candidates.
Our Leader Stephane Dion has set the 1/3 rd of all 308 ridings shall be women candidates and he wants this to happen, the National Campaign Cochairs want this to happen and the Provincial Campaign Cochairs want this to happen. Your donation will help reach that goal.