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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A few Good ........................

The LPC under the leadership of Stephane Dion is "getting it done."

IMHO and humble it is, I am pleased to see the following people being placed in the Leaders Trust to perform tasks that are at the best of times brutalizing challenges. I applaud the appointment of Cochairs Pam MacDonald and Bruce Young to run the LPC BC Election campaign. In addition I was very happy when I read PublicEyeOnline the name of Dean Crawford heading up the Green light committee, which I understand is in the green and actively seeking Candidates for election 2007. These signals show me that we are once again an inclusive Liberal Party and the future is where we can affect change.It is honest of me to also mention that each of these 3 were once upon a time YLC key players when I first met them many years ago they all know first hand the responsibility placed upon them.

Yes, 1/3 of BC candidates will be women.... whether or not the Nominations are uncontested, contested or appointments this is of critical importance to the Leader.
I am also very intrigued with some of the rumours I'm getting about the women who want some very high profile nominations. As much as I love to see hotly contested nomination meetings, I would be happier if all the women fought nominations against men rather than woman to woman.

In truth; No I wouldn't, in my wildest dreams of nominations it is the appointed ones that work best, quick , clean and a Leaders personal choice. Show me a leaders choice who didn't get elected. The 1 glaring nomination that did not happen the way the Leader wanted it was back in 1988 when John N. Turner asked Maude Barlow to run, she sought and won a nomination in a riding around Ottawa,the hitch came with a redistribution of ridings occurred before the writ was dropped and she had to go after the nomination in the new riding against Mac Harb who was a single interest candidate and stacked his antichoice people against Maude ( every woman I know who has lost the nod was due to this phenomena). Now if Maude Barlow had been an appointed candidate I wager she would be in the Senate today, as for the Council of Canadians who knows if her loss in 88 was their gain of 2 decades.

That is my pearl of wiseness for the day.


A BCer in Toronto said...

Was Dave Haggard appointed in 04 or did he win a nom contenst?

Lolly said...

oh ya, and Cunningham too... both controversial appointments and lost in the dirty bath water. Good point and well taken.