I look forward to growing Old and Wise and Audacious.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wiser and wider. Being Liberal, what's in it for me!

Last week I celebrated a milestone birthday.

Mike, planned and organized quite the extravaganza starting with an invitation to my Sweet 60 teenth to many friends and neighbours that I have had throughout my lifetime.

Cards, no gifts with a contribution towards a commemorative seat plaque in the Sid Williams Theatre was all I requested. The invitation list included people across the political spectrum from the right to the left; a large number who are nonpartisan , a wee microcosm of Canada. The Seat plaques are part of an ongoing fundraising campaign "This seats for You" which assists with the maintenance of this wonderful community theatre. With slightly over $1,000 already collected it will purchase a Platinum plaque which I want to have engraved with the following.

<em>"What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play, life is a Cabaret, old chum, come to the Cabaret." Dove's Sweet 60 teenth September, 2007

Which brings me to the purpose of todays blog. A question asked by one of my Conservative neighbours. What makes you tick? Why would you turn a Birthday into a Fundraiser for a community organization? You did it for your 50Th and now your 60Th and I think it is a wonderful idea, both of your ZERO birthdays have been a whoppin success.It certainly beats waiting until a person dies to donate to a cause.

I really had to think about my answer and I realize it has alot to do with being a card carrying member of the Liberal party, Not that every Liberal thinks like I/we do but there was a group of us active in Vancouver Quadra and Point Grey Liberal associations who worked against all odds back in the years where no liberal ever got elected. Those years I was part of the BCWLC, the heart and soul of the Liberal Party. We organized fun events raising money for our ridings, theme dinners taking over entire restaurants, Brock House, The Afghan Horseman, every visiting MP and Cabinet Minister wanted to play piano, sing or act in our skits, we had fun and lots of it. That was then. Since 1984 JNT was elected in Vancouver Quadra and a series of other Urban ridings elected MP's the Liberal's are all about power; they have no idea that it must also be FUN.

Living in paradise has changed much of our focus to local politics and doing the things we can, where we live , which is not Liberal. because we are Liberal we have the ability to fit in with every group, we can have people who are diverse come together for a personal party and all have FUN, give to the same cause.

Yes, I am wiser and wider. The Liberal Party has not been good to me, I have been good to the Liberal Party.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Safety Check.

"Wings,.... on !"
"Kick the tires!"
"Light the fires!"

And be sure to fasten your seat belt securely.

After the inquiry into the Snowbird Pilots untimely death three months ago, the findings were that his seat belt was not securely fastened.

It saddens me to think ...if not a faulty seatbelt then it must have been Pilot error.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Last night my husband and I took our mugs of hot chocolate and lawn chairs out to watch the Milky way, satelites and shooting stars. We are ideally located overlooking the Strait of Georgia, calm water that reflected the sparkle of lights from one of the many cruise ships that slip past each night.

We lost count of the satelites, there were so many passing overhead, some moving in a northerly direction, others brilliant in the reflection of the sun long gone from our vantage but somewhere out over the Pacific, the space shuttle, in her orbit around the planet perhaps. A Canadian Astronaut space walking and repairing tiles outside the shuttle. Imagine !

Reflecting on the first time I saw a satelite, in the 1970's with my father who taught me about constellations, nebula and planets, it was only a few years since Man had walked on the Moon in 1969, the year my husband and I were married. That night I had asked my Dad if the human eye could see the stars in orbit, actually moving through the sky. He explained that we should find a fixed point, such as the branch on a Douglas Fir nearby and watch the star at it's tip. Wow, the star moved in a steady line and shocked us, as we had not fixed on a star at all but a satelite instead.My father called the Base in Comox, where it was confirmed, it was indeed a satelite.

Reflecting on my Father who would have been celebrating a birthday today, instead we mark the 10th anniversary of his death tomorrow.He was the major influence on my life, I beleive he still is and shall always be.We will take my Mother out for Chinese food at her request on this; what would have been Dad's birthday.

Those shooting stars we saw last night, remind me that they are much like life itself, a fleeting light that's gone before you can reflect on it.

Reflections of the need for more women in politics, every single 3rd world country is discussing it. Countries of the western world are having conferences on it. the only advice I would give is "Do It" but Nike has that line.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Photograph Puzzle

Photograph Puzzle: " http://two.flash-gear.com/npuz/puz.php?c=v&id=1723561&k=63102109"

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Amazing Mrs Pritchard

The Knowledge network on Shaw cable is showing a BBC Northern Ireland Drama series called The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard Sundays 8:00 DST here on the West Coast. I'm just curious to know if any of you are watching it too?


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dieing, doing what he loved...................

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds are one man disadvantaged with the sudden death of Shawn MaCaughey No. 2 Inner right wing in a tragic accident doing what he loved to do. The Snowbirds represent the professionalism, dedication, and team work of all women and men in the Canadian Military, and I am very saddened by this event.

I am a daughter of an RCAF Pilot the late F/L Harvey Carnahan, I know the deep ( right to the bone)feelings family's have when their son, brother, father, husband, friend are killed in such a tragic accident.

Only, a few weeks ago the very same Snowbird's were practicing their breathtaking and inspiring aerial displays over the Comox Valley, Shawn McCaughey was in year 2 of his tour flying the CT-114 Tutor jet.I was fortunate to meet the entire Snowbird Team and get all their autographs.

I am an Air Force brat, who loves the sound of airplane engines, for the past 15 years I have stopped anything I'm busy at just to watch the Snowbirds practice over the beach in front of my home. I have sat on the hood of my car watching them take off in formation. I have watched them at airshows in Comox, Abbottsford, and Ottawa. I am always impressed with the skill & precision the training our Forces receive. I remember my father talking about flying the "M" in formation for Margaret when the Princess visited Canada in the 1950's. My dad was a Flying Instructor with the RCAF teaching NATO students how to fly.Dad died 10 years ago of complications with Diabeties, I know he would have been happiest: dieing, doing what he loved...

I'll always miss my Dad.

I know the McCaughey family will always miss Shawn.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This is what the World thinks of Canada's New Government.

Dear fellow Canadian Moveon members,

Wow, I couldn't believe it when I heard about our government's sneaky ways of undermining the world's efforts to stop climate change. This week, the press reported Al Gore calling the Harper government plan on CO2 emissions "a complete and total fraud…designed to mislead the Canadian people". Recently, Canada also received the international "Fossil Award" for misleading countries and quietly undermining international efforts at the climate negotiations in Kenya.

Canada? Misleading people and undermining the world's efforts to save their children's futures and stop deadly flooding, storms, desertification, diseases? Not my Canada. Surely not.

Well, it's true. And now I'm a strange mixture of hopping mad and really sad. This isn't our country, not one bit, and we need to let our Prime Minister know which country he's leading, and remind him that he works for us. Please click below to send a message directly to Stephen Harper asking him to come up with a real plan on climate change that doesn't disgrace our nation and let down good people around the world:


Will the Prime Minister do the right thing this time? It's an election year and he has a minority government. If he knows he can't fool us with a fake plan, he'll have to meet our demand for a real one that doesn't put Canada almost 20 years behind schedule on the Kyoto treaty targets.

We'll need one heck of a flood of messages to get him to finally listen. But Avaaz - the new global community co-founded by MoveOn - has over 100,000 members in Canada. If each of us can respond to this message, and then forward this email to a few friends, that's going to add up fast, maybe even to the number of voters that tipped the balance for Harper in the last election. That's a number he'll notice. Oh Canada, let's do it!


With much respect and hope,

Ricken Patel,
Ceasefire Campaign/Avaaz.org

PS - Here's some links and more information on this issue:

David Suzuki Calls the government's new plan a national embarrassment: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/latestnews/dsfnews04270701.asp

Reuters reports Canada receives international "Fossil" award for misleading countries on climate change: http://www.planetark.com/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/39038/story.htm

Al Gore Calls Canada's Climate Plan a Fraud: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070430/ap_on_re_ca/gore_canada_warming

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Homo Urbanus arrives in Africa.

Stephanie Nieuwoudt | Nairobi, Kenya

20 April 2007 01:18

This year marks the birth of a new "species": Homo urbanus. For the first time in history there will be as many city dwellers as rural inhabitants in the world.

The executive director of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), Anna Tibaijuka, coined this term to describe the rise in city and, consequently, slum dwellers. She was speaking at the 21st session of the governing council of UN-Habitat, which ended on Friday in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

This is the year that sees the number of slum dwellers rise to one billion people -- a figure that could double in the next 13 years. In the Southern African state of Tanzania alone, the growth in the urban population is about 6% a year, which is twice the rate of the average growth rate of the population.

Tibaijuka told delegates at the 21st session that cities in the developing world will absorb 95% of urban growth in the next two decades. Much of this growth will happen in urban slums where the goal of achieving the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is elusive.

A lack of sanitation, safe drinking water and health services will compound social insecurity and exacerbate the prevalence of maternal mortality (MDG 5) and the spread of illnesses such as respiratory problems, diarrhoea, malaria and HIV/Aids (the latter two fall under MDG 6). High child mortality rates (MDG 4) will also remain a huge problem.

Tibaijuka said there is a perception globally that slum dwellers do not have money. Yet, even if they are poor, they spend substantial sums on basic necessities. Slum dwellers pay four to 100 times more for water than affluent people do. For example, in Kenya water is sometimes obtained from portable sources such as water trucks.

These are government-owned vehicles driven by public servants who sell water to poorer communities. Or they belong to private entrepreneurs who get water from boreholes on their own land. There have also been cases in Kenya where water -- which is sold at inflated rates -- was obtained from contaminated sources, leading to diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid.

People living in slums also spend large amounts of money on housing. Especially in Africa, these dwellings are erected on public land that was grabbed by slumlords who then built makeshift accommodation.

A study by UN-Habitat showed that the costs of building shacks were, on average, recovered within nine months. Whatever the tenant pays thereafter is pure profit for the "owner", who has no title deeds and therefore no legal claim to the land and no right to rent out the shacks.

Tibaijuka said that many are "owned" by rich people living in plush estates and that it is unacceptable that they rent out dwellings without supplying water and sanitation facilities.

The swell of urban residents will also see the gender education gap widening, making it difficult to reach MDG 3, which focuses on promoting gender equality. Poor families find it difficult to generate funds to send children to school.

The UN-Habitat publication State of the World’s Cities Report 2006/7 states that in Uganda and Zambia 74% and 51%, respectively, of young women between the ages of 15 and 24 cited a lack of money as the main reason for dropping out of school. Girls in slum areas are also four times more at risk of contracting HIV.

Interestingly, the report does not show any clear pattern regarding the urban-rural divide and women-headed households. In Kenya, Malawi and Rwanda, these households are found mostly in the rural areas. In Burkina Faso, Chad, Central African Republic, Egypt and Tanzania, most women-headed households are found in urban slums.

Not all slums have the same degree of deprivation, but UN-Habitat found that slums in sub-Saharan Africa show the highest levels of deprivation. About 80% of the region’s slum households have one or two "shelter deprivations", while almost half of all households suffer from at least two deprivations.

"Shelter deprivations" are lack of water, lack of sanitation, overcrowding, non-durable housing structures and a lack of security of tenure.

While countries in North Africa has seen a declining trend in the number and proportion of slum dwellers, countries in sub-Saharan Africa have experienced average annual growth rates of 4,53% in urban slum populations.

This trend is partly attributed to the declining economies of some countries in the region, the high prevalence of HIV and conflicts.

According to the State of the World’s Cities Report, South Africa is the only country in sub-Saharan Africa to have succeeded in "making good progress in basic service provision to the urban poor, which is reflected in low to almost stable slum growth over the last 14 years".

However, there are still more than eight million South Africans who lack adequate housing and basic services. -- IPS

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On Leadership

I am in a business where I meet many folks, our Guests come from all over the globe, mainly they come from the lower Island, greater Vancouver and the ROC ( rest of Canada)to get their Island Time. With Westjet(3) and Air Canada (1)regular flights daily to the Comox Valley, they come in all shapes, sizes, colours a microcosym of the Western world.

Most recently we had a man who is a relatively new Canadian, he arrived in Canada with a wife and child from an eastern block country. He has stayed with us before and we have become friends. Among many things he loves about Canada is having our Charter of Rights and Freedoms where he can talk openly about politics.

It was an innocent question he asked just as he was departing for the evening.It was one that floored me.

Is Dion as weak as he appears to be

I pulled my thoughts together, knowing that I could not dance around this subject and said.
No, he is only as weak as Stephen Harper wants him to appear.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Judy Erola & Pat Carney....today's interview on CBC

2007 All political Party's are busy recruiting woman candidates, and this interview with 2 of the very few women elected to the House of Commons 20 plus years ago were very candid in their discussion on CBC radio this morning.Both these women came at it from a different perspective.Neither of them were really aware of what they were getting into.

What they didn't say. Both of them were single parents;Pat Carney had a teenage son, she represented Vancouver Centre a 3,000 mile 3 hour time difference to and from work, which included night sittings, committee work and the constant concern for her son. When asked if she would do it over again, she cautiously stated not with a teen age son, but definitely later in her life.Pat Carney, made the National headlines when she raised the topic of Air Canada Passes for the spouses of Member's of Parliament and not for the children of same. All Members of Parliament can thank Pat Carney for the change that resulted where the children of MP's did get passes to fly Air Canada with their parents.

Judy Erola,the mother of 2 daughters, from Sudbury,the same time zone, where her base was close to the riding she represented. When asked if she would do it all over again, she answered in a Heartbeat.Judy, had been active in her liberal riding association where she believed building a base of support from within the party is critical.

What they did sayAll the credentials, degrees and formal education doesn't interest Pat Carney, it is how many bums you can get into seats at the nomination meeting that count.

Judy, is a strong believer in the nomination process, she made it sound like the ritual of initiation preparing you for the long term. Being a Candidate is not for the faint of heart.

Pat Carney also talked about recruiting the right candidate, over the years she has been the point person for the Conservative party on the recruitment of women candidates in British Columbia. Women who have young children, teen agers or adopted children really have to consider where they plan on raising the children, she commented that maybe the Municipal or Provincial level is best.

My own thoughts.
Times have changed, there are more married women seeking nominations and getting elected then ever before but it still lags well behind the number of men. It is not news any longer when you hear of spouses who are both active as candidates, as operatives in their chosen political party. Now, is the time to have more women up front and elected.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sharing The Keys to Power.............Stephane Dion is !

IWD International Womens Day

Today is a good time to provide some information to all women Liberals who think they are ready to use the keys to Power.
The NWLC and all the affiliates across the country have renewed their efforts to encourage the participation of women in the LPC.

Herefollows a recent email sent to the women in BC which is a good starting point.It is worthy of sharing with the readers of this blog.

e-News from BC Women's Liberal Commission
March 8, International Women's Day

Liberal Women's Caucus

Liberal Women's
Top Ten Ways the Harper Government has Failed Women

Removed "equality" as the main goal of the Women's Program at Status of Women Canada;

Cut $5 million, or 43 per cent, from the operating budget of Status of Women Canada;

Changed the rules of the Women's Program to eliminate equality-seeking organizations from qualifying for funding;

Changed rules of the Women's Program to prevent groups from advocating on behalf of women;

Changed the rules of the Women's Program to allow funding for for-profit groups. The struggle for women's equality is not a money-making venture but a grassroots effort of committed activists;

Gutted the research and policy capacity of Status of Women Canada, which will deprive groups of valuable information for use in public education products, government briefs, and for the development of public policy;

Closed 12 of 16 regional Status of Women Canada offices, which will eliminate the connection between the federal government and women in their communities;

Eliminated the Court Challenges Program and disbanded the Law Commission, handicapping the ability of women, particularly Aboriginal and minority women, from defending their human rights;

Eliminated $17.7 million from literacy programs, making it even more difficult for women to gain the skills they need to make a better life for themselves; and

Eliminated the Liberal child care agreements and replaced them with $20 a week and no new child care spaces, in spite of the fact that almost 71% of mothers with children under the age of six are in the labour force.

Thanks to Sean Holman at PublicEyeOnline I have perused this website www.equalvoice.ca where you will find a link to Online Campaign School " Getting to the Gate".

There was a time when the BCWLC ( late 70's early 80's) ran annual workshops at the AGM,s designed to encourage women Candidates in every aspect of a campaign from nominations through to the reality of (role playing) door to door canvass.It is the personal contact that gets the vote.

By the early 1990's there was a group of women (triparty) who held annual "Winning Women Campaign" workshops, bringing in the professional Communications people and really assisting women at the Municipal level, noteably more and more women have been successful at both the Municipal and Provincial levels. That is a good thing.

What really needs to happen and it is confirmed on the www.equalvoice.ca website is the need for federal political party's to nominate more women candidates. Getting to the Gate sounds great, but.... you still need the key to get inside.

The Liberal party has it's challenges as do the other political party's because we do not want to see the headlines that "Men need not apply".

Friday, March 02, 2007

Thoughts on nominations !

It was all tha gingseng in the ColdFX that had me believing that appointed candidates are the way to get the nod. The reality is that I am a democrat, I beleive in the full participation of people in the political process.Although I will not outright dismiss the extra special appointment of a Candidate, I like to see a real contest at the riding level.

Whilst the federal riding president of VIN, I pulled together a very eclectic group of Liberals from every area within this riding. Ideally a person in every Poll with the target of an election day always the driving force. It is the Human Factor that skews everything in Theory, and putting together a organization takes time, years in fact. For the better part of 3 years, we had monthly meetings alternatively between Campbell River, Comox Valley, Port Hardy and even one in Gold River driving through a snow storm to get there. This was in the lead up to the 2003 leadership and the 2004 election which followed shortly thereafter. The building of the organization started to gel when we had our Twin MP Andy Scott (Fredericton N.B.) into the riding one hot July week.

Three very strong potential Candidates went on a recruitment membership drive. This was no easy task at that time because the 5 membership forms at a time were the rule ( ludicrous) a constant bone of contention for all three and one that was never lifted during the entire process. In spite of that the riding saw membership grow to 1140 which was a major feat given the BS we had to put up with and I attribute to the anticipation of Paul Martin Leading the Liberal Party of Canada.Because of the growth in our riding the LPCBC Campaign set our Nomination into motion immediately upon the lifting of the Green Light committee. It was the one and only window of opportunity to get a Liberal Elected on VIN.

We scheduled the nomination meeting in the Comox Valley and had polling places in Campbell River, Port Hardy and Gold River so it was up to each Candidate to GOTV.My thoughts on this was that each of them would show their organizational abilities and we just might be able to hobble together a 1 person 1 poll for E Day.

We were so well organized we did it all in our own riding without intrusion from the LPCBC Campaign altough there was a flying swat team that came to see and hear us on the day of, they didn't stay around long but they did show up.

A candidate was nominated 4 months before the writ an Ideal situation.

Not really, the Candidate decided he did not need the Liberals to guide him, he had his own parallel organization and laid down his plan with no consultation because damn it he had a campaign organizer who was going to show us how to get elected.A campaign organizer who beleived in deficit spending.They blew off the liberal association but blamed the associtaion when it all started to fall apart..

How many riding assocations go through this same sort of thing? There are all kinds of stories like this one, and sadly this organization fell apart. Here we are 3 years later and no one knows what kind of deal was set between the 2004 Candidate and his recruited Candidate in 2006 ( neither of them even live in the Riding anymore), not even in British Columbia.

What's even sadder was the Guy from Northern Ontario who became the Riding President in 2005 attending the Federal Council Meetings but never calling a meeting in the riding. Once again he was going to show us how to get the job done, because damn it in Northern Ontario they can elect a Liberal MP.He talked the talk but never walked the west coast walk.The LPCBC was contacted by other executive members and all the pleas for help fell on deaf ears.Here we are in March 2007 with another federal Election looming, a VINFLA AGM set in 2 days time, no potential candidates, we have a new leader in the person of Stephane Dion, will his Environment Platform work here, it should but it won't.

A harsh as this may sound, this may just be one of 308 ridings that should have a name on the ballot because without an organization or any fundraising, it just is not fair to ask anyone............. seriously.

Friday, February 23, 2007


The following is an excerpt from an email sent to me by a former Liberal Cabinet Minister, Privy Councillor, Order of Canada, Order of BC recipient.

Speaking of Walls, if you see a Globe and Mail today look at the large picture on the front page...The Government has put up a blue brick wall, fronted with flags as a backdrop for External Minister McKay, Ms. Rice and Mexico's Foreign Minister's forthcoming new conference....in order to cut out the Statue of Lester Pearson and the Nobel Peace Prize that would ordinarily have been seen in pictures (it is in the main entrance Hall of the Lester Pearson Building)! I doubt Canada has ever seen such a Partisan performance.

Hatred is a weakness, and I believe Stephen Harpers Hatred of the Liberals and all we have done in building this country will also be his weakness when the opportunity for Canadians to elect a real Prime Ministerial Leader Stephane Dion at the next federal Election. PMSH is counting on election fatigue in keeping him in power just long enough to show his real contempt for all things Liberal.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A few Good ........................

The LPC under the leadership of Stephane Dion is "getting it done."

IMHO and humble it is, I am pleased to see the following people being placed in the Leaders Trust to perform tasks that are at the best of times brutalizing challenges. I applaud the appointment of Cochairs Pam MacDonald and Bruce Young to run the LPC BC Election campaign. In addition I was very happy when I read PublicEyeOnline the name of Dean Crawford heading up the Green light committee, which I understand is in the green and actively seeking Candidates for election 2007. These signals show me that we are once again an inclusive Liberal Party and the future is where we can affect change.It is honest of me to also mention that each of these 3 were once upon a time YLC key players when I first met them many years ago they all know first hand the responsibility placed upon them.

Yes, 1/3 of BC candidates will be women.... whether or not the Nominations are uncontested, contested or appointments this is of critical importance to the Leader.
I am also very intrigued with some of the rumours I'm getting about the women who want some very high profile nominations. As much as I love to see hotly contested nomination meetings, I would be happier if all the women fought nominations against men rather than woman to woman.

In truth; No I wouldn't, in my wildest dreams of nominations it is the appointed ones that work best, quick , clean and a Leaders personal choice. Show me a leaders choice who didn't get elected. The 1 glaring nomination that did not happen the way the Leader wanted it was back in 1988 when John N. Turner asked Maude Barlow to run, she sought and won a nomination in a riding around Ottawa,the hitch came with a redistribution of ridings occurred before the writ was dropped and she had to go after the nomination in the new riding against Mac Harb who was a single interest candidate and stacked his antichoice people against Maude ( every woman I know who has lost the nod was due to this phenomena). Now if Maude Barlow had been an appointed candidate I wager she would be in the Senate today, as for the Council of Canadians who knows if her loss in 88 was their gain of 2 decades.

That is my pearl of wiseness for the day.

A Vancouver Sun Exclusive

Telus halts sale of Adult content on cellphones. There will be no formal annoucement of the decision.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Adult Content prompts suit against phone company

The Vancouver Sun Thursday February 15th News Update page B2.

You will have to look it up without my technical knownothow to assist you in a speedy read.

The talking point from a Telus spokesperson who said Telus was not offering "X rated material" but "single model nudity that involves no sexual activity". He said Telus was offering the service so customers could visit "legal and safe sites".

The Law Makers in our land have their hands full keeping up with technologies that push the envelope. It is about our environment, our health and yes our sensibilities.

I agreed with Pierre Elliot Trudeau who reminded us that the State has no place in the bedrooms of the nation. In this case I do think the State has a stake in what is allowed on cell phones in our frontrooms, in our public spaces all over this nation.

IMHO The more we accept the exploitation of women,and even men for that matter the less respect we have for ourselves.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

LPCQ is on the leading edge.Where is the LPCBC on this ?


The Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) announces the launch of a micro website for each one of its 75 riding associations
For Immediate Release

February 12, 2007

MONTREAL (QC) - Always at the service of the citizens in all of Quebec’s regions, the LPC(Q) is proud to announce the launch of 75 riding websites, that is to say one micro site for each of its 75 riding associations throughout Quebec.

Each of these riding sites are accessible directly from the LPC(Q) new website, at www.lpcq.ca, in the top left section “Find Your Riding”. You can also download a list of all riding domain names by clicking HERE.

Easy to update, linked up to the website of the Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec), these 75 riding association micro sites will allow federal Liberals in Quebec to share their ideas and better communicate with one another. They will also allow the Liberal Party of Canada and its Leader, the Honourable Stéphane Dion, to better respond to the expectations of Quebecer in all of Quebec’s regions. At last, but not the least, these 75 websites will help Liberal associations to better communicate the values of the party and those of its leader, to develop ever more innovative and progressive policy resolutions, to recruit new members, to get up funds and of course to prepare itself for the next elections.

The presidents and communication agents of Quebec’s Liberal federal associations will receive, in the weeks to come, a training that will allow them to very easily update their website. In the meantime, the public and all Liberal members can already discover their riding website, join the Liberal Party of Canada and even make a donation online which will fully be transferred to their local riding association. Other interactive tools of communication (e.g., political forums, blogs, etc.) will also come to complete these micro sites in the months to come.

The launch of these 75 micro websites is a first in Canada! Indeed, this is the very first time a federal political party equips each of its riding associations in a given province with such a political tool. This technological innovation will notably allow the Liberal Party of Canada and its Leader, the Honourable Stéphane Dion, to consult with and inform the citizens in all of Quebec’s regions. It will also allow the Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) to offer a similar micro website to each one of its 75 candidates during the upcoming election.

In sum, this communication breakthrough places Stéphane Dion’s Liberals at the forefront of Canadian e-democracy.

More information is available on the website of the LPC(Q), at www.lpcq.ca.


For more information, please contact:
Fabrice Rivault
Director, Communications & policy
Liberal Party of Canada (Québec)
(514) 381-8888

Tim Tierney

It is .............So!

Bourgue news did a piece on this and it can be found when the words "Telus & porn" are Googled.PPV for hockey or a Movie is one thing, but trying to defend this for profit stinks.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Telus Pimps Porn

My Husband asks me what I know about the latest on Telus providing a new service for it's cell phone customers.

As I've been busy reading books and soaking up the fact that it is he who must serve as I go to the Chiropractor and massage therapist the last few weeks , and this question I know is one of his tests of my knowledge of the most current of events. I am lost for words. Somehow I missed this all insidious news which he read in the back pages of the newspaper or a news magazine, and he can't quite find the article but will make a point of saving it for me when he does find it.

Have any of you out in the blogosphere heard of this service? Telus is now providing it's cell phone customers with pornography.How can that be controlled when so many of our children have the use of cell phones often bought by well meaning parents. It is just one more insidious erosion of our civilized society.

Tell me it ain't so.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


The Next Generation of women in LPC politics often do not know the Herstory/History of who Judy LaMarsh was and how important her legacy is to Canadians. I think the timing is ripe for a quick read of this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judy_LaMarsh

It is through the past 20 plus years of the Judy LaMarsh Fund that Women who won Liberal Nominations received funds to assist them in their riding campaigns.

When you write out that cheque or swipe your credit card for the Liberal cause make it count and direct it to the Judy LaMarsh Fund where 100% goes to women candidates.
Our Leader Stephane Dion has set the 1/3 rd of all 308 ridings shall be women candidates and he wants this to happen, the National Campaign Cochairs want this to happen and the Provincial Campaign Cochairs want this to happen. Your donation will help reach that goal.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Over to you.

The 1st of February 2007 Participate in the biggest mobilization of Citizens Against Global Warming!

The Alliance for the Planet [a group of environmental associations] is calling on all citizens to create 5 minutes of electrical rest for the planet.

People all over the world should turn off their lights and electrical appliances on the first of February 2007, between 1.55 pm and 2.00 pm in New York, 18.55 for London, and 19.55 for Paris, Bruxelles, and Italy. 1.55 pm in Ottawa, 2:55pm in Halifax, 10.55am on the Pacific Coast of North America.

This is not just about saving 5 minutes worth of electricity; this is about getting the attention of the media, politicians, and ourselves.

Five minutes of electrical down time for the planet: this does not take long, and costs nothing, and will show all political leaders that global warming is an issue that needs to come first and foremost in political debate.

Why February 1

This is the day when the new UN report on global climate change will come out in Paris.
This event affects us all, involves us all, and provides an occasion to show how important an issue global warming is to us. If we all participate, this action can have real media and political weight.

Please circulate this call to your utmost ability to your network.
Veronica Sherwood
Education and Community Outreach Officer Sustainable Communities and Ecosystems Division Environment Canada 902-426-1698 phone 902-426-6434 fax

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein

thanks LM

Monday, January 29, 2007

Hold this thought.

Tar Ponds = bury them Tar sands = exhume them.

Number 29 forever.

Ken Dryden received a wonderful living eulogy from our Leader Stephane Dion in the House of Commons today.

It was noted by Don Newman and Sandra Bonner that it was a first for such a tribute to a sitting Member of Parliament, as all others have been in sickness or Memorium.

I thought it was poignant as it was the first thing shown after the Conservative attack Ads which showed both Michael Ignatieff and Ken Dryden going after Dion during the Leadership debates. More importantly, during Question period with Dion & Ignatieff seated together and their "if you did not understand the question in French, I will repeat it in English" directed to PMSH. To watch them united and going after the Government. Canadians will see a new face on the Liberal benches while the Conservatives run with the NDP selling their souls trying to ignore the Polls.

A Little known fact;

Elizabeth May Leader of the Green Party has a seat in the House of Commons. Well not actually on the Floor of the House of Commons.

After the Byelection where Elizabeth May came in 2nd last fall, the Greens went to Peter Milliken, Speaker of the House of Commons, and asked if he could find a seat for their Leader. The Greens are players in the Canadian Political scene, with 600,000 votes they will be getting money from Elections Canada soooo....... Milliken agreed and for the first time in Canadian History there is a seat in the Diplomats section for Elizabeth May, where she can attend & observe the goings on.

Will the Green party be included in the next Leaders Debates during the Federal Election sometime soon?

I detect some subtle reforms happening .

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shin splints and stress fractures.

No it isn't from door to door or any electioneering,

it is @#$% Ouch painfull and brings out

the Bitch in me.

It has forced me into a recluse reclining with icepacks for relief.I've found much entertainment reading the Globe & Mail, there is to much pain to focus on a full book but the easy to digest is best.

Flipping through TV channels I've discovered one called Encore Avenue which shows uninterrupted movies.

"In a Moment" filmed in 1993 stars Russell Crowe and Peter Outerbridge as young Pilots in Training with the British CommonWealth training Plan somewhere near Brandon Manitoba. A National Film Board, Telefilm Canada and a Manitoba production.

My father was R.C.A.F. Flight Instructor with the British Commonwealth training Plan in Penhold Alberta (sometime after the last Ice Age but well before this modern era of Global Warming). It was the face of a very young Russell Crowe playing an Austrailian LAC who had travelled the Pacific, the Panama Canal and the Atlantic to Montreal and then a train across the Canadian outback to learn to fly, then go off to WAR.

A fun sunday afternoon, an interesting romantic story and a 'star' that is easy on the eyes.

I feel better already. Another Canadian Flick I recommend to those who haven't yet seen it.

Maxines advice to the New Canadian Government.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

As seen on Rick Mercer Report.

My Chuckle came from the answer Chuck Strahl, the NEW Minister of Agriculture gave to Rick Mercer his (one time only) driver for the day.

Question RM to CS:

When are you Conservatives going to stop blaming the Liberals for everything, and when will you stop calling yourselves the NEW government of Canada?

Answer CS to RM:

When we become the old government.

Mercer is terrific at delivering the lines but needs to focus on reading the signs.

I won't hold my breath waiting for the PMO Press release that states this" Old" Canadian Government.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nothing NEW here.

This arrived in my inbox part of the routine propaganda from the PMO..... the one thing I find amusing in all this is the turn of phrase 'Canada's new government' .

How many 1 year olds are referred to as new babies?

January 24, 2007

Ottawa, OntarioPrime Minister Stephen Harper announced today that two Parliamentary Secretaries have received new assignments.Ted Menzies, Member of Parliament for the Alberta riding of Macleod and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Cooperation, assumes the additional responsibility of Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade.Jacques Gourde, Member of Parliament for the Quebec riding of Lotbinière-Chutes-de-la-Chaudière and former Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and Minister for the Canadian Wheat Board, becomes Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources.In announcing the changes, Prime Minister Harper said they were designed to improve the overall efficiency of Canada’s New Government by ensuring the skills and interests of all Parliamentary Secretaries are matched as closely as possible with their ministerial assignments.“Mr. Gourde and Mr. Menzies are talented, hard-working parliamentarians,” the Prime Minister said. “Today’s assignments recognize the effort and expertise they have displayed during our first year in office.”The new assignments were approved by Order in Council at today’s meeting of the Cabinet.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ghost of promises past .

"The most complete book in the field" runs the headline across the top .

Advertising * Plus Mulroney's future plan to unite the Provinces and Lower Taxes.

By Professor Bernard Gatt
Canada's Foremost Economist.

This Blue Book is full of unlined, blank pages. Now being recycled by PMSH to save Canada's Environment.