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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

LPCQ is on the leading edge.Where is the LPCBC on this ?


The Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) announces the launch of a micro website for each one of its 75 riding associations
For Immediate Release

February 12, 2007

MONTREAL (QC) - Always at the service of the citizens in all of Quebec’s regions, the LPC(Q) is proud to announce the launch of 75 riding websites, that is to say one micro site for each of its 75 riding associations throughout Quebec.

Each of these riding sites are accessible directly from the LPC(Q) new website, at www.lpcq.ca, in the top left section “Find Your Riding”. You can also download a list of all riding domain names by clicking HERE.

Easy to update, linked up to the website of the Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec), these 75 riding association micro sites will allow federal Liberals in Quebec to share their ideas and better communicate with one another. They will also allow the Liberal Party of Canada and its Leader, the Honourable Stéphane Dion, to better respond to the expectations of Quebecer in all of Quebec’s regions. At last, but not the least, these 75 websites will help Liberal associations to better communicate the values of the party and those of its leader, to develop ever more innovative and progressive policy resolutions, to recruit new members, to get up funds and of course to prepare itself for the next elections.

The presidents and communication agents of Quebec’s Liberal federal associations will receive, in the weeks to come, a training that will allow them to very easily update their website. In the meantime, the public and all Liberal members can already discover their riding website, join the Liberal Party of Canada and even make a donation online which will fully be transferred to their local riding association. Other interactive tools of communication (e.g., political forums, blogs, etc.) will also come to complete these micro sites in the months to come.

The launch of these 75 micro websites is a first in Canada! Indeed, this is the very first time a federal political party equips each of its riding associations in a given province with such a political tool. This technological innovation will notably allow the Liberal Party of Canada and its Leader, the Honourable Stéphane Dion, to consult with and inform the citizens in all of Quebec’s regions. It will also allow the Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) to offer a similar micro website to each one of its 75 candidates during the upcoming election.

In sum, this communication breakthrough places Stéphane Dion’s Liberals at the forefront of Canadian e-democracy.

More information is available on the website of the LPC(Q), at www.lpcq.ca.


For more information, please contact:
Fabrice Rivault
Director, Communications & policy
Liberal Party of Canada (Québec)
(514) 381-8888

Tim Tierney


WesternGrit said...

WE were asking the LPCA (Alberta) to do something like this for years. Finally, with the help of our riding president (Neil Mackie) in Calgary SW we were able to get a riding website out, and got a Calgary Liberal site going. We had been pushing for a site for some time after losing our "Liberal Center" which was a public officespace for Liberals run and paid for by prominent Calgary SW Liberals.

Bravo LPCQ!

Fab said...

Thank you so much for your compliments!

Indeed, Liberals seem thrilled by this innovative tool and we have received so many amazing compliments from members throughout the country!

Thank you everyone! Your support is so precious to us.

As some of you may already know, yhis project started last year as I decided to offer 75 such micro sites to all my candidates in Quebec. THEY JUST LOVED IT! It was thus logical to expand the ventures to all of Quebec's riding associations.

Obviously, LPCQ is operating with a very limited budget. As such, I want to pay special tribute to Tim Tierney with whom I have worked endless hours on weeknights/weekends to transform this vision in a reality. And there we are!

Tim Tierney is one of our greatest volunteer here at LPC(Q) and certainly one of those truly dedicated Liberals who believes, like I do, in the power of grassroots initiatives!

Now for LPCBC and LPCAB, the good news is that Tim and I are now working VERY HARD to make sure the national party shall offer a similar tool to all liberal associations throughout the country !!! And things are looking VERY GOOD. We hear Ottawa is working hard to replicate our model... Something for us two to be very proud of!

All the best from Quebec!

Fabrice Rivault

Lolly said...

Fabrice, This seems to me to be one of the most creative and also simple things that the LPC could do for the rest of us living way out on the edge of the continent or off the continent in in my ridings case.

Keep up the good stuff with the LPC and maybe we'll be a truly National party in a SNAP.