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Friday, February 23, 2007


The following is an excerpt from an email sent to me by a former Liberal Cabinet Minister, Privy Councillor, Order of Canada, Order of BC recipient.

Speaking of Walls, if you see a Globe and Mail today look at the large picture on the front page...The Government has put up a blue brick wall, fronted with flags as a backdrop for External Minister McKay, Ms. Rice and Mexico's Foreign Minister's forthcoming new conference....in order to cut out the Statue of Lester Pearson and the Nobel Peace Prize that would ordinarily have been seen in pictures (it is in the main entrance Hall of the Lester Pearson Building)! I doubt Canada has ever seen such a Partisan performance.

Hatred is a weakness, and I believe Stephen Harpers Hatred of the Liberals and all we have done in building this country will also be his weakness when the opportunity for Canadians to elect a real Prime Ministerial Leader Stephane Dion at the next federal Election. PMSH is counting on election fatigue in keeping him in power just long enough to show his real contempt for all things Liberal.

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Tony said...

Former Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew, also had a wall in front of the Statue of Lester Pearson, when he and Ms Rice had a press conference in the very same room in 2005. It was also mentioned on ctv news tonight that several Liberals at various times had barriers in front of the statue.