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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On Leadership

I am in a business where I meet many folks, our Guests come from all over the globe, mainly they come from the lower Island, greater Vancouver and the ROC ( rest of Canada)to get their Island Time. With Westjet(3) and Air Canada (1)regular flights daily to the Comox Valley, they come in all shapes, sizes, colours a microcosym of the Western world.

Most recently we had a man who is a relatively new Canadian, he arrived in Canada with a wife and child from an eastern block country. He has stayed with us before and we have become friends. Among many things he loves about Canada is having our Charter of Rights and Freedoms where he can talk openly about politics.

It was an innocent question he asked just as he was departing for the evening.It was one that floored me.

Is Dion as weak as he appears to be

I pulled my thoughts together, knowing that I could not dance around this subject and said.
No, he is only as weak as Stephen Harper wants him to appear.

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rabbit said...

I found your repsonse amusing.

If Stephen Harper, or any other political opponent, can make Dion appear weak, then Dion is indeed weak. A strong leader would not allow his public personna be dictated by others.