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Monday, May 21, 2007

The Amazing Mrs Pritchard

The Knowledge network on Shaw cable is showing a BBC Northern Ireland Drama series called The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard Sundays 8:00 DST here on the West Coast. I'm just curious to know if any of you are watching it too?



Freddie Sirmans said...

Just browsing the internet, you have a beautiful and very interesting blog.

UK Blogger said...

Hi Lolly,
I was doing a search for The Amazing Mrs Pritchard to see what countries it was viewed in. How was it received in Canada ?

regards UK Blogger

Lolly said...

Thank you Freddie,As you can see It has been awhile since I posted,facebook has become one of my daily visits online. My thanks to you for taking time to send the compliments.
To UK Blogger, IMHO I thought the Amazing Mrs Pritchard was the best Drama series I have seen . The characters, the script and the story line were excellent.I say that even though I missed the 1st show in the series.It is on my list to see again, whenever I can find it available. It aired on Knowledge network in British Columbia As far as Canadians who watched it, I only know of a few who are likeminded friends. It is a big question, given that most people hate politicians, and Canada is a very big Country with a very small population, which is strung out along the Canada USA border (within 200 miles). You guessed it, we are bombarded with "hollywood" a long way from Jos.

Sinbad said...

My wife and I just watched the 1st and 2nd episodes of Mrs. Pritchard. I would have enjoyed it more if it hadn't featured pro-war-with-Iran propaganda in the 2nd episode. For example, brand new Prime Minister Pritchard is told that the French would like British assistance getting some of their special forces out of Iran. The PM asks what they were doing, and is told they were rescuing one of their own operatives, a spy. Rather than respond with "why the heck would they have a spy there in the first place?" or "why are the Iranians trying to build a nuke? Are we doing something to make them nervous?" (Like, invading a neighbouring country, and letting two other countries in the region have nukes.) No, the new PM okays the intervention by UK special forces! And then when she solicits input from the public for the Queen's Speech, two citizens are quoted who want to send more troops to the Middle East to fight, and none taking the opposite view. Good lord! Jane Horrocks has a reputation as a left-winger. Did she read this script before agreeing to play Mrs. Pritchard?