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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shin splints and stress fractures.

No it isn't from door to door or any electioneering,

it is @#$% Ouch painfull and brings out

the Bitch in me.

It has forced me into a recluse reclining with icepacks for relief.I've found much entertainment reading the Globe & Mail, there is to much pain to focus on a full book but the easy to digest is best.

Flipping through TV channels I've discovered one called Encore Avenue which shows uninterrupted movies.

"In a Moment" filmed in 1993 stars Russell Crowe and Peter Outerbridge as young Pilots in Training with the British CommonWealth training Plan somewhere near Brandon Manitoba. A National Film Board, Telefilm Canada and a Manitoba production.

My father was R.C.A.F. Flight Instructor with the British Commonwealth training Plan in Penhold Alberta (sometime after the last Ice Age but well before this modern era of Global Warming). It was the face of a very young Russell Crowe playing an Austrailian LAC who had travelled the Pacific, the Panama Canal and the Atlantic to Montreal and then a train across the Canadian outback to learn to fly, then go off to WAR.

A fun sunday afternoon, an interesting romantic story and a 'star' that is easy on the eyes.

I feel better already. Another Canadian Flick I recommend to those who haven't yet seen it.

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