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Monday, January 29, 2007

Number 29 forever.

Ken Dryden received a wonderful living eulogy from our Leader Stephane Dion in the House of Commons today.

It was noted by Don Newman and Sandra Bonner that it was a first for such a tribute to a sitting Member of Parliament, as all others have been in sickness or Memorium.

I thought it was poignant as it was the first thing shown after the Conservative attack Ads which showed both Michael Ignatieff and Ken Dryden going after Dion during the Leadership debates. More importantly, during Question period with Dion & Ignatieff seated together and their "if you did not understand the question in French, I will repeat it in English" directed to PMSH. To watch them united and going after the Government. Canadians will see a new face on the Liberal benches while the Conservatives run with the NDP selling their souls trying to ignore the Polls.

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