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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Last night my husband and I took our mugs of hot chocolate and lawn chairs out to watch the Milky way, satelites and shooting stars. We are ideally located overlooking the Strait of Georgia, calm water that reflected the sparkle of lights from one of the many cruise ships that slip past each night.

We lost count of the satelites, there were so many passing overhead, some moving in a northerly direction, others brilliant in the reflection of the sun long gone from our vantage but somewhere out over the Pacific, the space shuttle, in her orbit around the planet perhaps. A Canadian Astronaut space walking and repairing tiles outside the shuttle. Imagine !

Reflecting on the first time I saw a satelite, in the 1970's with my father who taught me about constellations, nebula and planets, it was only a few years since Man had walked on the Moon in 1969, the year my husband and I were married. That night I had asked my Dad if the human eye could see the stars in orbit, actually moving through the sky. He explained that we should find a fixed point, such as the branch on a Douglas Fir nearby and watch the star at it's tip. Wow, the star moved in a steady line and shocked us, as we had not fixed on a star at all but a satelite instead.My father called the Base in Comox, where it was confirmed, it was indeed a satelite.

Reflecting on my Father who would have been celebrating a birthday today, instead we mark the 10th anniversary of his death tomorrow.He was the major influence on my life, I beleive he still is and shall always be.We will take my Mother out for Chinese food at her request on this; what would have been Dad's birthday.

Those shooting stars we saw last night, remind me that they are much like life itself, a fleeting light that's gone before you can reflect on it.

Reflections of the need for more women in politics, every single 3rd world country is discussing it. Countries of the western world are having conferences on it. the only advice I would give is "Do It" but Nike has that line.

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