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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Women in Liberal Party Politics

My husband has been after me for several months to start posting my own blog, up to now I have read and commented a few times but here it is my first blog. I have been hesitant because I don't think there is anyone out there in my age group who blogs. Surprise me!

It could be a celebration of sorts, July 24th was the 14th anniversary of my "Quit smoking" being that I had my last drag on a fag at 4:00 pm July 24th, 1992. It has been a celebration ever since, a complete change in lifestyle, I am wiser and wider. With the one exception and that is an addiction I can never completely quit, the Liberal party blood that flows through the viens.

30 years of my life is benchmarked by campaigns . My first nomination meeting was in the federal riding of Richmond South Delta for a bi-election in 1978 Joan Wallace was the woman candidate seeeking that nomination. there was a group of us all BCWLC members Kilby Day was our fearless President and I mean fearless.

Joan Wallace had been with the early days of the Status of Women and the other candidate was a man named Tony Schmand, from the religious right and anti choice. I was called a murderer by his people when I greeted members at the door handing out Brochures. I was astounded why they would even call any of us murderers, a cold dip in the black side of politics. I am Pro choice but at that first meeting I was shocked at the simplistic way this man assumed that by supporting a woman we were all murderers. the man won the nomination, lost the election and disappeared from Liberal party activity. All those wonder BCWLC women are still active members.

On the evening news I hear that Wendy Yeun (sp) just nominated the Liberal candidate in Vancouver Kingsway for the next federal election ( sometime in the next 12 months). we've come along way baby.....but not far enough.

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