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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he will introduce a motion in

Just back from 10 days of heat down Mexico way. The heating up of who's in charge Mexico City is in the Canadian Press but to be on the beach of the sleepy little fishing village where we stayed no one talks politics just about the sunsets and Sergio the hurricane that went west instead of touching land.all the Canadians we met along the way are more concerned about their FM3 ( dual citizenship) than what is happening north of the 49th.It just means they can leave a car there without hassle although they do have to pay annually for that priviledge which is a hassle.

I am very fascinated with the fixation of the word "Nation" in regards to Quebec and curious to hear how our First Nations will welcome that same debate.Isn't it interesting PMSH is introducing a motion on this in the House of Commons. Wow,now that I'm back I will have to pay attention to this issue. I will not be in Montreal therefore I will be relying on all you bloggers who do attend the Leadership convention to post as objectively as possible. In the meantime tonights news will be a priority.

I love this country, it is so cool! Rain, hail, snow & sleet....bring it on!

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