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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wrap your mind around it, scratch your head, think about it or is it just words.

Last night while watching the US mid term election returns.... I heard this comment from one of the politico pundits.It has been replaying through my mind over and over all day, I found it quite amusing.

On why did she think the Democrats were looking like winners if "politics are local" when in fact the roust was a national one. Iraq is the first off the lips but hang on.... when she said "the republican wing of the republican party" I really had to wrap my mind around that....... then she said " they are very upset with the social conservatives in the republican party and the financial spending that has gone on". Not red conservatives or red tory's as we would refer to the Reform/Alliance wing of the Conservative party.

We all knew there would be a resignation not a "YOU"RE SO FIRED Rummy!"

Just a little more interesting is the recognition that the USofA got out of Afghanistan to soon. We won't be surprised when we hear more of this ....we were wrong to go into Iraq before we finished what we started in Afghanistan.

Stay tuned. I expect the new Pentagon will start deploying more troups into the UN sanctioned forces.

Lest we forget.


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