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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Off to "the Palace"

The Palace Theatre is showing the film The Queen this weekend and so after having Chinese Buffet at the Golden Carriage we did the 1 block walk about to see the flik.

The Palace Theatre is one where there is an air of tiredness and decay, many rows have seats removed and so to find 4 seats together is a challenge. The Palace is know as the ghetto to some of the locals who treat it like a slum popcorn all over the floor and empty cups, bags littering an entire row.

If it weren't for "The Queen" we wouldn't have gone. Helen Mirren, no doubt the best actress alive; was excellent playing Her Majesty called "mam like ham".
Having watched the 4 hour mini series Elizabeth I over the past few days and then seeing this movie , she is truly a brilliant actor.

"The Queen" is a story the world needs to see.

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