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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Small wonders and a reversal of words. .

Posting on this little blog of mine has been low on my list of priorities the past 2 months, for which I can only make a simple comment with another 4 letter word. "busy" "work" or "time" it comes down to 1) to much to do 2) not enough time to do.

A few comments from long time political allies, some who have been on the long hard campaign trails tell me that I am neither 'little' or 'old' and were horrified with the pink stationery that I chose initially...... hence the new creation which shows youth and energy overcoming the old and treacherous. Actually I was looking for a design done by a person of my gender but there just weren't any so I chose the Rose.
Christmas Day we took the BC Ferry (10 minute ) ride to Quadra Island, where we were met by friends who we would be feasting with that day. One of several topics around that feasting table was the upcoming Quadra Island, Climate Change Conference scheduled for January 20th with the Lead off Film of Al Gore and "The Inconvenient Truth". It just happend to be one of the films my husband and I watched during the week leading up to Christmas. So when I surfed tthrough some of my quick read news sites and saw that the President of the U.S.ofA said The US accepts threat to Polar Bears I thought that I had misread it and had to emblazon the words in my brain, let it digest in the mind, and then think what will that ultimately do to help the global warming we are experiencing across our Earth?

Al Gore gave the most articulate and calm presentations of facts on the topic, convincing without hysterics.Although we can't stop it, we can globally change our habits of consumption and slow the process down. Saving the threatened species of Polar Bears is a small step in the cycle. If it takes a village to raise a child then it will take nations to raise awareness to provide a future for those children we all must save the planet on which we live.
It is a double edged sword, as I sit in a room with two lights on, the signals bouncing around cyberspace as I peck at the keyboard putting these thoughts out there I realize that this is the ultimate abuse of power when billions of humans do not even have one light and if they did it would be a kerosene lantern and not because they had another power out. It would be the way it is .
This musing is to be continued at another time and date....................................

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Yappa said...

I like the new look. The pink was maybe a bit too pink! For feminine templates, I like the green polkadot one (which I use for my book club blog) but it doesn't have titles, which doesn't work for an article-based blog.

Merry Christmas and good luck with your conference!