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Friday, December 08, 2006

Women? Do we matter?

The spectrum of Women, as portrayed on film is a brushstroke from zero to 10 in light and shadow. Anyone from the artist world of pallette filled with colour will understand of what I speak for those of you uncertain to my meaning.... Zero is the fine edge of light with 10 the darkside of shadow. Black to white with all the shades of the rainbow in between.

Why Film? Film on dvd vhs or on the big screen at a theatre near you has been projecting some very interesting and even educational stories about Women. I had heard about the Deepa Mehta trilogy: Earth, Fire & Water over the past few months with mixed reviews. Now that I have seen "Water" takes place in 1938 it is in Hindi with english subtitles and delivered a very profound message.It is called telling the TRUTH

HOPE for the future. The future is now, 2006 and the woman of the Indian (not to be mistaken as our FN) community of the lower mainland are making public their unspoken secrets. Their story is not a film, it is in real time and I truly wish them and their daughters every HOPE for the future.

This weekend it is off to "The Palace" I go to see "The Queen".

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