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Thursday, December 11, 2008


In just hours after Michael Ignatieff was made Interim Leader for the Liberal Party of Canada I've been approached by locals with their congratulatory comments.A City Councilor was so pleased he stopped me in the Lobby of the Community Theater to let me know, his words can be summed up 'At last the Liberals have a leader who can take on that bully of a Prime Minister'.

The following morning we are out shopping and just milling around looking at stuff when a voice calls out to me, 'hey Dove' ! when are we having a party to celebrate our new leader? what can I say. Everyone has been avoiding political discussions with me for so long this turn of events really has me baffled.

There really is an excitement that has not been around for several years. In fact both of the people had been members in 2004 like so many others they let their membership slip away, the past week of events has awoken the importance of Canada's parliamentary system which in turn has enlightened people to the reality of a minority government.

There is a confidence in the Liberal Party that bodes well for our new Leader, a confidence because Michael Ignatieff is that Leader.

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Red Tory said...

Feels kind a nice for a change, doesn't it?