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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tis the season of open(ness) house.

This past week has been a "feel good about your (liberal)self" week . I only say that as a follow up to my last post from a couple of weeks ago. Our newly elected Mayor wants to be a delegate at the Vancouver Conference at the end of April. How does he do that? It's as easy as going online; renewing his membership; and BTW start a monthly donation to the Victory fund. Get the parents & kids involved as well.

These encounters at the heavily laden tables with rich tasting morsels at every Seasonal Open House has been rich in political discussions with conversations ranging all over the radar screen about Leaders. From a once staunch Progressive Conservative telling me that he was never a reformer always a conservative, stated simply "Stephen Harpers Canada is not MY Canada". This begs the question I never asked... so when are you going to be rid of Harper and bring in a Leader who shares your vision of Canada?

All this positive feed back now that Michael Ignatieff is my leader. Yes, it does feel good, very good indeed.

This riding association is in the process of taking on life that has been missing for close to 4 years. A very welcome turn of events.There is an AGM coming up in mid January where I expect an organization to rise up.

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