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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Harper's Hatred is his weakness.

On October 14 the Canadian voters did not give this man the mandate of a majority government which he disparately wanted. In spite of all the barrage of fear mongering we received in our mail boxes during the 6 months preceding and throughout the writ period, he fell short in the eyes of the voters. Canada would not be in this grave situation today if Harper had extended his hand instead of taking a stick and poking, to provocation the Opposition who coalesced because of a real lack of leadership and statesmanship from the Prime Minister. Canadians elected another minority government with the hopes of that government really working for the greater good of all. Sadly that will never happen. The opposition understands that and they have (within our parliamentary democracy) agreed in a very focused and public way to work for Canada. Whether; or not this proposition is found acceptable by our Governor General, only time will tell.

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