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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Five ways the "F" word has influenced moi!

http://canadiancerberus.blogspot.com/tagged me on this campaign to come up with 5 things feminism has done for me.

I should feel somewhat uncomfortable with the "F" word now that we are in the 21st Century or at least an article in the Fall Issue of Chatelaine magazine suggests that young women do not use that word in their daily vocabulary after all they don't burn their Bra's either these days.

I am a full figured women so I don't burn my Bra's either. Nada Jane Russell .
I am a Feminist.

Now that it's out herefollows my list:It is to important to take to seriously.


Raised with a Catholic education in the separate school system of Alberta in a RCAF Family.The Sister's of St Joe's and the FCJ taught us the most important things in life were the Arts, Home Economics and Textiles. Once learned, the next step was to find and Marry a good Catholic boy and fill up the pews of the church. back in those days my parents were what they called a mixed marriage, protestant father and catholic mother. I questioned everything about the Dogma of the Church and was continuously told to "Wait for Judgement day" but I was also taught in my catechism that God gave us each an intellect and a will. I chose to use my intellect ( will) to make my own decisions.Married a non catholic, had one son, joined the Liberal Party.


In the earlier years of the BCWLC there was a very strong group of women who were a major influence in who I am today. The newly formed Ministry of State for the Status of Women, was shadowed by a group called N.A.C. the National Action Committee on the Status of Women. the BCWLC was one of several hundred member organizations they claimed to represent. Joan Wallace was on the Board of CACSW and an active member of the BCWLC she was the woman who ran for the Liberal Nomination in Richmond South Delta 1978 my first experience at a nomination meeting.

During that time I also became very active with the Council of Canadian Unity, and Chaired the BC Canada Week Committee . I received earfuls from veterans across the province who were outraged with the Maple leaf flag. Just mention "Canada Post" and the voice at the end of the line yelled back "What are you a Trudeauite?" Trudeau was blamed for everything that didn't work to some peoples satisfaction.


Being a Feminist is not exclusive to women, I know many men that I would be honoured with that label as well. "A Man of Quality is not threatened by a woman for Equality." My home is an equal opportunity household, we have no gender split on cleaning toilets, making beds. taking out the garbage, driving a truck, splitting wood or fly fishing.If it needs to get done it gets done.it was my Father who taught me "if you see a job that needs doing, don't wait for someone else to come along and do it, the helping hand is at the end of your own arm". All the old cliche's work it's your choice.


I was a Political Assistant to a Cabinet Minister where my job was to liason with Women, Youth, and Ethnic groups around the lower mainland. I became a regular at multicultural events, Race Relation Conferences. Meetings at the CACSW Offices.

The Youth grew up and lived happily everafter... seriously.

I learned the sensitivity of my Gay friends who outed to me, I really admired/ and still do a cousin who Co Chaired the Gay and Lesbian Committee for the United Church of Canada during those years that Church was debating the inclusivity and ordination of Gay/Lesbian Ministers.I agree with SSM and the right for adoption of children.

I love that Fathers have been empowered to parent not just 'babysit'.
I love that young women can and do go out into that big world and use the opportunites made available to them by the preceding generation of women.
I want my young neices to know there is more to the world than their little universe. I want them to exercise their rights to get out and vote, to travel and experience history, the present and our future.

That wasn't so bad, I have mellowed during the past few years because Life is way to important to take to seriously.







Scott Tribe said...

Hi Molly: Thanks for your post. I've added your link referencing your 5 things list to the post at Progressive Bloggers.

One thing I'd suggest if you've not tagged before: Email the people you've tagged to let the know they;ve been tagged and what they've been tagged for (a reference back to your post will be the best way to show them).

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

As a previous cab driver in Ontario I can assure you that young women most of which do not where bra's are quite fluent with the "F word" and are in no way bashfull about using it among there friends.

Jay said...

I just realized that most gay men do come out to empowered women. I did the same. Hmmm, interesting.