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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Montreal; in December isn't without it's complications.

LPCBC members have received in their email boxes the September issue of Jamie's Blog with all the important information any member interested needs to know about becoming a delegate.It does answer many questions that people have been asking over the past few weeks. To be fair it describes 4 'W's the Form 6 process very well as to who, what, when ans where it even gets into HOW!

To stand as a delegate you must have completed a "Form 6" and submitted your form to the party office no later than 5:00pm, September 15th, 2006. Please note that the form must be physically in the office by this time, not post-marked. You can get a form 6 from the party office or a representative from the leadership campaign you are supporting. You can also find Form 6 on the Liberal Party of Canada website here: http://www.liberal.ca/pdf/forms/delegateform_e.pdf. Delivery of these forms can be also be facilitated through local leadership representatives, or faxed, mailed or hand delivered to the party office at 460 - 580 Hornby Street in Vancouver. The postal code is V6C 3B6.
Please watch for notice of the delegate election meeting in your area.

There are a number of meetings that will be held on a regional, rather than a constituency level. In other words, 3-4 ridings in close geographic proximity may have meetings in a single location.

Does this mean there just are Not enough Liberals who will volunteer to run the meetings in a non partisan DEM ? The past administration alienated liberals with their bulldozer's, it isn't any wonder they can't get anyone to spend 6-8 hours overseeing an election process that is terribly flawed.

For most party members in rural and remote areas, there will be a voting by mail.

A "mail in vote" sounds like a logistical nightmare. I can just imagine the brilliant minds who engineer the mailing of ballots.

Not that it isn't a great idea. I would love to have the ballot and vote in the comfort of my own surroundings, put it in a Canada Post mail box and await the results.

Many questions come to mind, if we can have a mail in.... how many days between receiving the ballot and mailing it back? When are the results announced and to whom? Everyone who voted, or only those that got elected, by snail mail, by email, by telephone call? Why not a Email in? Vote early, vote often!Why not a Canadian Idol style, vote as many times as you can in a 2 hour time frame, just keep hitting the redial.

More information will be provided about this process in the coming days.

It is all about an open and accountable process which the Liberal Party must provide, the last thing we need is having an abusive and questionable Delegate Selection Process.

I'm not holding my breath for the next installment of Jamie's blog, it can't arrive to soon.

This from a post from Yesterday by Sean Holman of Public Eye Online

Michele Cadario, the former deputy chief of staff (operations) to Prime Minister Paul Martin, will soon be doing contract work for the federal Liberals in British Columbia. Those in the know say Ms. Cadario has been tasked with "helping coordinate operations and logistics" for the Grit's delegate selection meetings. And, as part of that contract, she has signed a "declaration of neutrality."

So it's not that they can't find Volunteers to run the DEM's it is that they DON'T WANT VOLUNTEERS.

The Bulldozer's are back on contract.

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