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Friday, September 01, 2006

LPC-BC Appeal of nomination meeting.

PublicEye Online presented the findings of the LPC Permanent Appeals Committee, Two Parties, Two Processes, the same results on August 30th.

The dialogue between the commenters is the age old debate about appointing women candidates or sell,em,(memberships) stack,em (GOTV)soundly trounce'em(win).

The appointment of candidates has been done long before Confederation, most often to bring a person into Cabinet with a expertise that was needed to help run government.

In the early years the fear was having farmers and their sons ( the uneducated vote) making decisions that they were "not informed "about. Exactly the same debate that was held a few decades later when suffragets took to the picket lines.

I am keeping this as simple as possible so you won't be getting an in detail lesson here.

One example of being a woman and winning a nomination that clearly shows the importance of the appointment of 'same' candidate.

Several years ago during the nominations of the NPA slate for the Vancouver Minicipal Elections the best possible person was knocked off the slate by lesser mortals who had signed up their ethnic community to vote for them.

Carole Taylor lost that nomination, ran as an independent twice; elected both times. That is a very rare occurrence in politics, it takes a very special and well respected person to be elected as an independant.As a City Councillor, Carole Taylor was in constant demand, attended to all that crossed her desk, was exceptional in her capacity to work with the citizens of Vancouver.

Not your career politician this woman is an excellent role model for all women, who aspire to the political arena.Today as the BC Finance Minister she continues to use all her learned skills in the running of a smooth and seemingly fair government.

The other side.

Chretien appointed several people to Cabinet, first then election later. Pierre Pettigrew, Stephane Dion just as I reminder.

The appointment of candidates that really piss people off are the ones that PMPM made with appointing the likes of Bill Cunningham and John Bethel. Those hurt the Liberal party right across the country, and they were proven unelectable and shall remain that way.


NappyGuy said...

In general, I think most people in politics would prefer to avoid the situation where candidates are "chosen" by the leader. But, as I recall, Cunningham did pretty well in two successive elections in a riding that has been NDP for 30 years. What was the option, crazy Tony Kuo who was later also banned by the NDP from running provincially?
Also, didn't PMPM also appoint others that election: Ujjal Dosanjh, David Emerson, Shirley Chan, Dave Haggard? Seems like the crime committed by the two you mention was that they were ... GASP ... actually Liberal party members!!!

Lolly said...

Of 200,000 Liberal members you think these 2 are the creme de la creme of candidates as you have listed

Let me give you my translation of the word GASP

= Gawd Awful Slimey Politicals