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Friday, September 29, 2006

119 over 63 and that's a good thing! Low Blood Pressure.

I gave another unit of blood to the Canadian Blood Services this week. My goal is to give as much if not more than I have given to the LPC. This was my 54th and I had to interrupt several years out because of pregancy, lactating, once for acupunture, another time because of surgery. If you are a Blood donor you'll understand. If you are not a Blood Donor, I recommend you locate the nearest Canadian Blood Services Clinic donate a unit then get out and Vote.

That done, I've voted and mailed in the ballot, which had to be post marked no later than 5 pm today,October 4th they are counted in Vancouver Office of the LPC.

I always feel great after donating Blood, and it feels just as good sending off the Leadership ballot.

I'll be checking out all the real bloggers who have made predictions and percentages over the next few days but I won't know what the results are in my own riding until this time next week.

I like the idea of one member one vote and if my riding along with the others here in BC prove that it is effective then the LPC would be smart to consider it Canada wide the next time.There is much to clean up and knowing the rules clearly would be a giant step forward...... I've already bitched about that.

Politics must be FUN.
It is too important to take to seriously.
Always, expect the unexpected, because it will always happen.
Keep smiling!
Most importantly


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