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Monday, September 25, 2006

Stinky Monday.

Membership irregularities are a constant headline for all political parties during leadership races. This is a stinky lead up to Super Selection weekend. It is not just he smell of memberships, it goes much deeper. To react with the calling for people to resign is also assinine.

Hedy Fry to Bob Rae smells bad.

Joe Volpe to stay.... take a deep breath.

The voice messages from leadership candidates and Dryden delegates who live in other parts of the province phoning and asking Vote me! Vote me!

The Infrastructure is crumbling in more than the communities of the country the whole of the liberal party's future depends on a clean up and it is caught in the slime of old times.

ASK101 Just ask.


Anonymous said...

Latest development has Conservatives bringing out the champagne.

James Curran said...

Neo Con. We meet again. Why must I follow you around the blogsphere so?

As I said before my friend. Even Rae can squash Stevie Boy.

Hell. Now I believe Martha could too in the next election.

Lolly said...

Neo Con,

That better be "Made in Canada" Champagne.

You've dropped that one all over the blogs today but is there any truth to it or just wishful thinking on your part.