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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Or worse, been won and lost within a generation.


More Women in Politics

As part of his ongoing policy development process, Michael has unveiled a plan to increase women’s representation in the Liberal Party and in the Canadian Parliament.

It includes:

1. Sustained efforts to realistically reach the target of 50% of female MPs. During elections:
concretely - for the next election - this means no less than 35% women candidates in ridings that are un-held or where the sitting MP is not seeking re-election

recruit and assist female candidates to increase that ratio in every subsequent election until we achieve the 50% target

ensure new women candidates are given a fair share of winnable ridings
Between elections:

direct the National Campaign Committee to establish a nation-wide system to identify, recruit, train, mentor and financially encourage and support women candidates

require riding associations to canvass/prospect for women candidates and to demonstrate they have expended best efforts to attract women candidates before establishing a nomination date

2. Gender parity across the party

composition of the National Campaign Committee should reflect the principles of gender parity

ensure more women become delegates to our conventions and assist in collateral fundraising efforts to help support elected delegates, especially women

encourage all delegates to vote for people running for executive positions of both sexes who reflect their needs, wants, perspectives and priorities

3. Better support for female parliamentarians

expand child care coverage as a refundable expense in both election and nomination campaigns

increased travel flexibility and schooling flexibility for the families of MPs
If elected leader of the Liberal Party of Canada,

I would work to achieve sustainable gains in gender equity; gains that, to date, have eluded us, or worse, been won and lost within a generation.

We have to make gender parity a core continuing political and organizational objective of our Party’s life - reflected by commitment at all levels of the Party machinery.

4. Gender balance in appointments
· seek qualified female candidates for every order in council and ministerial appointment
seek to secure that 50% of these appointments

for more visit www.michaelignatieff.ca

Thank goodness someone has been listening to the wisdom of the women in the LPC. This task must be taken on by the Liberal Party and more importantly the Leader must Lead the

Wanted : More women in Politics.

Some of us have been beating our gums black & blue on this issue for years, when we thought we had won we found that we had lost.

Over to you, Michael.

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