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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Everybody for..............

NOT "anybody but." A quote from Stephane Dion in a Television Interview this morning, commenting on a telephone conversation he had with Michael Ignatieff.

I am impressed with all the Candidates for leader of our Liberal Party today, and I can only hope it continues throughout the next 2 months.These 8 men and Woman are class acts. I include Volpe as a class act because I am in a generous mood and really feel good being a liberal.

Scanning through some of the blogs, and the MSM articles, I pick up on 2 different vibes.

The Commenters to Blogs, listen to yourselves, then listen to the Leadership candidates. Every time you comment negatively about any of the Leadership candidates it not only reflects on you, it also reflects on all Liberals. The CPC and the NDP are indeed, as some have stated; keeping a dosier on liberals generally and Leadership candidates specifically. The real battle will be the next general election.

Ignatieff preaches civility in Liberal Leadership fight, headlines in the MSM are directed not only to the Canadian public but to the newly elected delegates who will be representing us in Montreal. It is apparent that the Leaders are keeping in touch with each other therefore it is imperative that their 'camps' take the high road with their chosen candidates and continue to build towards winning the next election.

It is Canada's future that is at stake here. It is our future.

Keep smiling.

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