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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Meanspirited manipulation during Municipal Elections.

The November 27th 2006 By-elections dropped by PMSH.
The Leadership of the federal Liberals not withstanding; is an insult to the honourable playing of the political game.

This has niggled at me ever since the announcement, it is a meanspirited move to the voters of London Ontario who will be chosing not only a new Mayor and council but also an new M.P. and one that may not last 1 year.

It smacks of the old SOCRED party who in May 1980 dropped the writ of a provincial election right smack dab in the middle of a federal election. In those days a federal election ran 60+ days with a 28 day BC campaign , it wrecked havoc on our Liberals who were fighting in the trenches to hold on federally and we could only run 5 Candidates Provincially in 3 ridings because 2 of the ridings were dual member. It was a nightmare and voters were insulted, angry and very petulant at the polls.

History, what good is it for. Not for learning. History begins the day you are elected, just ask Harper and his horrids.

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