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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

So yer Canadian eh!

And you didn't even know that you weren't.

"Tories unfairly shutting the door on war brides children"
Ottawa's actions arbitrarily strip thousands of people of citizenship.
The Vancouver Sun ,
Friday October 6th
by Daphne Bramham.

Growing up as a dependent of a F/L in the RCAF this column really upset me. I know many familys who while serving for Canada overseas gave birth to children who the DND accepted as Canadians. I really appreciate the fact the it has been made public through Daphne Bramhams Column at the same time I feel a deep sense shame that it is the government of Canada who states that "Canada should be able to strip the citizenship of any one, anytime,and the governement should not even need to tell those individuals that they may suddenly be stateless.

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