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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Where's the Women.

I would love to see the Liberal Party run with a Woman Candidate in the London riding that Joe Fontana vacated for municipal politics.

Elizabeth May for the Greens is posed to make her statement, she did help Rick Mercer to cut down a tree, with a chainsaw which gave her some power. Zoom, zoom.

Diane Hackett returns from abroad to relaunch her political life as the Conservative Candidate. From what I've heard and read, she will be a formidable campaigner.

If there was any Leadership Candidate who I beleive would be a fiesty challenger, it would be Martha Hall-Findlay not Gerard Kennedy who is being pressured to run.

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HearHere said...

Maybe Marth has otyher plans? From National Newswatch:

Rumour suggests that Liberal leadership candidate Martha Hall Findley has been quietly promised to be the Liberal candidate in the next general election in Belinda Stronach's Newmarket - Aurora riding. The rumour suggests Stronach has no plans to re-offer in the next federal election.....for a variety of reasons.......

This rumour started to circulate after an organizer with Martha Hall Findley's Liberal leadership campaign allegedly responded to a question concerning the possibility of Findley in the London North Centre by-election. The Response? see first paragraph above..

Background information on this riding and the two players involved:

In 2004, Ms. Hall Findlay was parachuted into the Ontario riding of Newmarket-Aurora and lost to then Conservative candidate, Belinda Stronach.

Hoping to defeat Stronach in the next election, Hall Findlay moved to Newmarket—Aurora and became active in the Liberal party and the local community.

But on May 17, 2005, Stronach crossed the floor to join the Liberal Party caucus, and Hall Findlay, who had already been nominated as the Liberal candidate, stepped down from this post to allow Stronach to run under the Liberal banner.