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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ottawa CP byline Joan Bryden

Dion, Kennedy join Ignatieff push to disqualify most Rae delegates in B.C.
I just do not know what to think when I read articles in the MSM about the challenges in BC. Try explaining what is happening with this Liberal Leadership DSM process to total neophytes and my neighbours is quite simple. I don't tell them much I just nod as they ask me what the heck it is all about.
Being a Liberal makes me a target of hostile comments from the lefties and the righties who are so morally bound to the high road HA! I do live in a very polarized riding where voters vote against, not for .
The loud silence radiating from LPCBC is unnerving, as far as I can tell, a few delegates have been congratulated by their Campaigns on being elected but not all have been notified.
A slight correction, there was an email from LPCBC today with a Press Release
Harper Re-Announces Liberal Gateway Plan, Dilutes Funding
On October 21st, 2005 the then Liberal Government announced $590 million over five years for Pacific Gateway Projects:http://www.tc.gc.ca/mediaroom/releases/nat/2005/05-gc013e.htm
On October 11th 2006 Stephen Harper announced $591 million over eight years forPacific Gateway Projects:
* This is the same funding commitment that was provided for by the former Liberalgovernment * However, Stephen Harper has diluted the funding by spreading it over 8 yearsinstead of the five they promised in their own platform. * Essentially the Prime Minister has flown in to BC to deliver no news, and no newmoney. Why even bother? * This is eerily similar to yesterday's announcement in BC that he would introduce a Clean Air Act in Parliament next week - something a Liberal government already introduced in Parliament . in 1971! *
Maybe next week Mr. Harper will fly to BC and offer us a railroad if we consider joining confederation.
1971 that was....... let me remember................... The Year Mike Pearson Died on Christmas day . And the birth of Justin Trudeau and I don't recall the Clean Air Act but then I'm told the memory is the first to go.
I do know that BC has had a railway for more than 100 years. It is falling apart and causing unending environmental problems, is that what the Clean Air Act is all about.?
:) LOL
Back to BC and the results, all in good time!

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