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Friday, October 13, 2006

Liberals, Leaders!

I had some time today to surf around the liblogs and read what others are commenting on. Often over the past couple of months I have noticed a preponderance of criticism and very little constructive comment. I live a busy life filled with more than current events, meals and entertainment so it does matter to me how I spend my time..

When I first became active in politics, I used to comment on how the Liberal party was comprised of Lawyers and Academics, they were the verbal ones at conferences and national meetings. There were some very interesting debates on the floors of conventions, if you were a quick study you could pick up exactly where the discussion was heading. The Liberal Party has some of the most incredible people and some not so.

Not only are there Lawyers, Academics,with the information age and the use of cyberspace, the internet and litespeed communications, the level of debate has gone down with the irresponsible comments made behind the title of Anonymous. Many commenters have the luxury of sitting infront of their monitors and keyboards for hours on end and on a daily basis.Like so many other things this can be an asset and a liability. Pulling apart the turn of a phrase or dissecting parts of sentences made by any Leadership candidate has become a game sport. What does any of it really matter.

The use of membership as a hammer, a threat or even as a bullying tactic because you disagree with a comment or dislike the innuendo you assume was meant by a simple act, for example Prime Minister Chretien shaking hands with the President of Lebanon a few years ago, had one member of VIN so outraged that she quit the Liberal Party. It was a reactionary thing which baffled me at the time and over the years as I have come to know her, I realize that this is a normal behaviour pattern.She is an on again off again card carrying member of the LPC. I never know what will trigger the next "I Quit". Then there are the YLC members who quit because of the people around Paul Martin, but they are back again because we are in a leadership race. It is akin to bathroom humour, up and down like toilet seats. To make your quitting a public scene is silliness; and oh...... so kindergarten. If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen. When you're done, you are done. Let your membership lapse and go do something else.If you do stay... remind yourself Don't get Mad, get Even!

I am a Michael Ignatieff supporter. I know this world of ours is a very complex and complicated place . I do not expect instant fixes from the Leadership race.I have been impressed by Mi because he does not have all the political baggage attached to him that I feel the others have. I appreciate that he has valued his being a Canadian in other parts of the world where he has worked and lived. Being a Canadian on other continents is a huge plus for all of us who pride ourselves at being Canadian. I do not understand why so many commenters think you have to stay in Canada to know the country. So many of us have never travelled through all our timezones, who are we to be so critical.

I am awaiting the results of my ridings mail in ballot, reliable sources tell me that Mi topped the votes here. That's a good thing.


Skip said...

You're right, Michael Ignatieff didn't start this race with any serious political baggage... because advocating "lesser evils" like torture and supporting Bush's reasons for the invasion of Iraq... were not serious issues.

Oh, and yeah, what does actually living in a country have to do with getting to know it? I mean, you can just check out the CIA World Factbook to find out anything you need to know... right? Pfff. Any academic would inform you that there is no substitute for experience - and that while knowledge from a book is great, it will always be trumped by actual, human experience. Ignatieff's experiences were in the UK and US over the last 35 years. The other candidates at the least, have devoted themselves to this country - and when they wrote using the pronoun "we" they were genuinely referring to themselves, and their Canadian brethren. When Ignatieff uses "we" (and he does a lot) he has often been referring to himself and his American brethren. Anyway...

knb said...

Have you been told when the mail in ballots will be finalised?