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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Getting Started.

Incredible Manitoba Animation a NFB Video Richard Condie's cartoon classic.

What's more important? Getting the job done when the job's gotta get done or spending an evening with the pals?

This animation won FIRST PRIZE at the 4th annual Film Festival many, many, years ago. In one of my past lives and between political campaigns I really enjoyed going to the Ridge Theatre in Vancouver to watch the Animation Film Festivals, as a result I have a small collection of NFB, Mike & Spikes plus a variety of other animated short videos.

"Getting started" is one that has been haunting me since I began this blog. It is about a character who should be practising the piano for a recital, but just can't quite get down to actually playing a note. This character spends more time day dreaming, watching a mouse crawl under a carpet, waiting for the hands on a clock tick, tock away the time. You can pretty much get the picture here.

I had every intention of posting comments about my experiences as a woman in politics, about women I have known in politics and when I think I have something to actually say in response to all the Leadership "plans" I have to face the fact that this is a very complex subject.

The Status of Women Directorate is being threatened. What's missing from this picture? N.A.C. or the National Action Committee on the status of Women used to be in the head lines of the news regularly. It became the 'bitch" that bit the hand (Federal Government)that fed it!

R.E.A.L. make sure you spell that word out because these women aren't real in the sense you would immediately think. They are just an extension of the anti choice people who on that single interest have had some control on who wins nomination meetings.They never felt that N.A.C. represented their views 20 years ago, and they were correct then but to Lobby for the end of the Status of Women Directorate in 2006 is very disturbing.

It is about at this point that I am haunted by "Getting Started" and so I cop right out and say "don't get me started".

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