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Saturday, August 12, 2006


The subject of the email arrived this morning spelling mistake in tact.
Tickets for the following event are now available at the Liberal Party HQ at 460-580 Hornby St., Vancouver.
Invite your relatives, friends and neighbours! Let us make this a "sold out" event!

The National Liberal Women's Caucus are pleased to invite you to a Leadership Forum
on August 22 , 2006
at the Hyatt Regency, room Regency E and F
from 1pm to 3 pm
Tickets: 25$
All proceeds will go directly to the Judy LaMarsh Fund
At the debate leadership candidates will answer questions about women's equality, including the economic security of women and the representation of women in elected office.

Have a great day !


knb said...

Great! Wish I could go!

LILY said...

Curious - does your support of women candidates (Judy LaMarsh Fund involvement) include supporting a woman candidate regardless of their party involvement. Could Allison Brewer count on your support if you were able to vote in the upcoming election?

LILY said...

just noticed a spelling error in the title ... not to be caught up in such things usually ... but I'm sure the leadership candidates would prefer not to be 'hosed' by the women's caucus.