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Friday, August 25, 2006

The trickster!

There is a family of Ravens that have been doing some low flying through our forest and woodland. The sound of their wings make a loud whoosh, whoosh and when two of them are on the chase it can be quite entertaining. Also a little unnerving. This family of 4 has been around for a couple of weeks, the 2 young ones are either being taught by being chased, or they are being pushed out of their nest. The sounds they make are like children making loud guttural noises.

We are more accustomed to a pair of Bald Eagles who have a pent house nest at the back of the property. Eagles mate for life you can see and hear them teaching their young with low flying and alot of screeching back and forth.This time of year the Eagles take their young and fly off, I used to think it was up the rivers but it coincides with sockeye runs so they are most probably out looking for the firm red flesh of the best fish around.

The other day when we were crossing Discovery Passage on the Quadra Island Ferry, a Bald Eagle was desparately struggling to haul a fish up and over the front bow, as it gained altitude the fish dropped from it's talons while people on the deck went down (duck) to avoid being on the receiving end. The gods were on the side of the fish, it went straight into the water, the Eagle losing the extra weight was able to pick up the wind like a kite and avoided any human contact.

So what does this have to do with anything. Nada.

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