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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rest in Peace

The National Military Cemetery of the Canadian Forces.
This year we took our 14 year old neice on a two week holiday flying from YQQ to the Nations Capitol to celebrate Canada Day a birthday and to visit a special place.
Both my husband and I come from career Military families. R.C.A.F. and when the Forces were merged in 1968 the Canadian Air Force. My husband served his mandatory 5 years with 409 Sqn. in Comox and retired at the age of 25 just before they issued the green uniforms.
In April a brother inlaw Major Richard Grove (retired) passed away and was buried in the new National Military Cemetery. We had planned to be in Ottawa for July 1st and did not make it to the Memorial service so we made sure we visited his grave site near Rockcliffe.
One week before our visit Captain Colleen Goddard with a full Honour Guard was buried a few meters away. We were so impressed with the beauty, the peace, and the serenity of this very special place. The Stones are so perfectly aligned in every direction you look, not unlike photo's of Flanders. Unlike Vimy Ridge Monument there are no stone angels, but a field of angels who lived their lives defending Canadians, at home, overseas, in Wars and in Peace. It is a very poignant park.
Four Canadians were killed while on duty in Afghanistan today. I am saddened to know this place is the final resting place for so many so quickly. Blessings on them. We will remember them.

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