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Monday, August 28, 2006

On the street conversations.

New Dems and the Green Party?

Chatting with some local acquaintences who are afraid of PMSH forming a majority the next time we have a federal election. The same folks who in 2004 voted Green, whose candidate made a very nice showing on Election night plenty of votes which left the New Dems and allowed the Reform/Alliance/Conservative Candidate to get re-elected with barely 400 plus votes. The same Alliance MP who won with 10,000 vote lead in 2000.

With the mashing of fists and Jack Layton visiting Vancouver Island on a regular basis the New Dems could smell blood and warned all of their voters who had gone Green in 2004 to come back and punish the liberals, dump the Conservative MP.... Elect NDP and the rest of their lives would be lived happily ever after. January 23rd the New Dems were back in with a mere 640 votes. Our Liberal Candidate took a real beating.

Surprise, surprise, I see several of the new Liberal members on the latest riding list come by way of the NDP. Hmmm, my understanding of the New Dems is one party, one membership and absolutely no membership in any other federal party anywhere ever.

It is on the street,when we meet; they are telling me we've got to stop Harper from forming a Majority Government as if it is my fault they voted the way they did in 2006.

I smile, and say welcome to the Liberal Party!

PS: I do not think this will change the vote much at all in this riding, any window of opportunity we had; slammed shut.I am interested in seeing how this mentality will play out in the other NDP held ridings. How many did they take from Liberals and will the Liberals regain them?

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