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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Right to Vote

Lily said

"Curious - does your support of women candidates (Judy LaMarsh Fund involvement) include supporting a woman candidate regardless of their party involvement. Could Allison Brewer count on your support if you were able to vote in the upcoming election? "

This is the kind of question that has no simple yes or no answer.

I have learned with my experience as a woman in politics is that, my idealism is jaded with cynicism.

Nellie McClung once wrote about how women came together for the cause of being persons with the explicit purpose "their right to vote". Once they had won that battle, women went their own way as to who they would vote for. Much to McLungs chagrin.

I must also include the unmentionable fact that the women suffragets did not fight for all women to get the Vote they; like their male counterparts believed the Vote was only for the priviledged of society.

In 2006 we all have the right to vote if we are Canadian Citizens, 18 years of age and older,see rules on Elections Canada website.

My idealism;

I have in the past voted for a woman Candidate of another political party because I knew her and felt she would better represent me in this riding. The day after she was elected she came to me for advice. The only thing I could tell her was that now she was respresenting a consituency of many different people and could no longer be a partisan person (N.D.P) she now had to put the riding first. It did not take many months to see that she was so infatuated with being on the government side of the legislature that she was quickly branded ineffective at the riding level.

Needless to say she went down to a defeat where she left no lasting legacy to the people in this area. Small town politics blocked her every effort to regain some credibility.

In answer to your question at the top of this post.

I do not live in New Brunswick. I do not know Allison Brewer. I do know that the N.B. Legislature has no majority, and that the Liberal Party should form government however they have a leader who for whatever reasons has not been able to rally the troups. This could change but I do not keep myself tuned in on their issues. I am aware that the N.D.P. are not the household name in N.B. that they have here in B.C. where the N.D.P. have a woman leader Carol James.

My cynicism:

Here is what have I learned from this life experience of another woman in politics.

Is that only "God" forgives.

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