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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Long Hot Days of Summer.

Here's some advice for all those bloggers out there who have the audacity to wax self righteous.

This is a campaign, a very long drawn out campaign with dates selected by an LPC Executive (none of whom should ever be elected to anything ever again).

As Canadians we go to the polls and in 30-35 days we elect a MP. Here in BC we go to the polls every 4 years for a 28 day campaign and we elect an M.L.A. Our local Municpal elections are a solid 21 days. and we get 1 Mayor and 6 councillors.

The Liberal Party of Canada decides we need 11 months to chose a leader. I'm counting the day PMPM resigned.

It started out as a level playing field with no clear leader who was going to take the covention by storm or by the true grit way, by stacking the meetings with ethnic groups and youth. The membership deadline comes and it takes 3 more months to elect delegates who need 2 months to get to a Convention in Montreal in December.

We Liberals are really compassionate and caring. We want each candidate in 308 ridings, we play them like Yoyo's over 4 1/2 time zones and damn it all the liberals who are outraged when there is a no show don't even live or work in that riding .

Wipe my mouth.

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