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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Michael Ignatieff BC Campaign Team Announces Appointments

Here are 3 of the reasons why I am supporting Mi. and they weren't reasons before I read the latest announcement but reading it has put my mind to rest. Actions speak louder than words and the 3 are top of the hill for me.

Bev Hendrickson -( I put her in the best of my friends category)This woman has the years of practical campaign trenches warfare that is so much a part of her persona.very practical and definitely a person I would want on my team.

Women's Commission Co-ChairMs. Hendrickson is a long-time Liberal and member of the Liberal Party of Canada national executive as the BC-Yukon Representative on the National Women's Liberal Commission. She currently resides in Vernon. In addition to ensuring a strong contingent of BC women delegates support Michael, Bev will help advise Michael on how to increase the participation of women in politics.

Adrienne Cousins - ( excellent choice for a bright articulate and independent person) she is one of a set of twin daughters, known to me as friends of family.More importantly she is definitely on the "to be a future Candidate gromming list. "

Policy Co-Chair
Ms. Cousins is currently the Young Liberals of Canada (British Columbia) Policy Chair and a member of the EcoAction BC Public Advisory Committee. Adrienne will help establish a representative and efficient BC policy committee and provide strategic advise to the campaign on health innovation and community services.

Kim Emsley-Leik A few years back when as a YL member setting up an auction; this young woman wasn't afraid to pick up the phone and make personal contact. Another articulate, independant thinker who has a good future as a woman in politics.

Organization Chair
Ms. Emsley-Leik was the Liberal Party of Canada (BC) 2004 Volunteer of the Year. She has worked in numerous elections - including recent campaigns in Vancouver-Kingsway and the BC Interior. Kim will be responsible for managing the campaign's complete organizational
structure and administration. She will also take on responsibilities to support fundraising and special events.

This is exactly what I mean when I say
P= power, P= politics P= people


knb said...

I have yet to make up my mind on a leader. I want to see more in the Fall.

That said, I like what you wrote and will keep it in mind.

At present, I'm really discouraged by the maelstrom I see in our party right now. Check that, discouraged and disgusted.

I guess I'm getting old. What should be obvious to all, is being obscured and I'd hoped we were smarter than that.

I still live in hope, but damn it's difficult to keep it up some days.

Lolly said...

I think it may just be the human behaviour that you find discouraging and disgusting. You remind me of a woman I met in the parking lot the other day, her words were "I have more hope than I have faith". She said it in relation to her going to church every week. I wonder if it is something she says because she is feeling her age.
My question to you is "what should be obvious to all and Smarter than what?