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Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Brunswick is going to the people !

CBC reports that New Brunswick Premier Bernard Lord has ended weeks of rumours by setting Sept. 18 for a provincial election, adding: "Everybody seems to be ready anyway."

As he announced the date on Thursday, the Progressive Conservative Leader said, "I don't want the situation of limbo where every time I turn around, [reporters] ask me, 'Well, is this because there's an election coming or not?'
New Brunswick Premier Bernard Lord said he would visit the province's lieutenant-governor Aug. 19, at which point he would dissolve the legislature.(Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)"Well, let's get it done. Let's give the people of New Brunswick a choice."

Touring Legislatures is right up there with Museums in my world and this past July we did see the N.B Legislature in Fredericton. It is a beautiful building with Lord Beaverbrook magnificence. The history of the maritimes has our west coast history beat by about 200 years and it shows. It is 'Our" History too.

This upcoming campaign will be a very interesting one to watch ( more so if I lived there and campaigned).

Allison Brewer the NDP Leader will be campaigning for the very first time as a Candidate.

Presently the Conservatives under Bernard Lord have a 1 seat majority, oops not when one member resigns, so it's off to the polls.

If in the wisdom of Canadians and the history of Provincial elections will it be a Liberal government to counterbalance the federal house?

Monday, September 18 will tell.

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