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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Telephone survey.....................

The telephone rings ( 2 rings ) which I answer with Good Morning ........

The male caller in a heavy accent voice asks if this is Madame ..............

I answer: Yes!

(thinking it is another fundraising call for Children with aides, blind athletes, deaf dumb and mute babies, wheelchair disabilities, wondering which Charity this call is about)

The male caller rushes through his speel, about this being a Citizens Action Group, I don't quite catch the correct "Title" he's calling it but I do get the word Action and Group.

He then asks the question?

Do you think gays should be allowed to marry ?

I wanted to correct him, and tell him how to ask this question, something like do you agree with same sex marriage or something a bit more political but I caught myself thinking ; what's this all about ?

I answer:

Do I think gays should be allowed to marry?

Yes, I do think gays should be allowed to marry.

The male caller blurted out in rapid speed,
"Thank you have a good day " click.

I just knew that he didn't mean it!

Is there any one out there in the blogosphere ( or are they targeting people with land line phones, you know those of us who only use the cell phone when we are away from the house.) getting calls like this ?

A random survey with Canadians on SSM?

What? To provide a scientific poll to put more pressure on PMSH for a free vote when the HofC sits this fall. ?


Grug said...

Hey Dove,

Deb received the same type of call the other day. She didn't quite catch the name of the group conducting the poll. And yes, the call ended rapidly when she said "yes" to gay marriage (as incorrect a term it may be) the call was terminated.

Interesting polling - when the call comes to an abrupt end after a single answer. I wonder if those who answer "no" to gays being allowed to marry experience the same level of brevity?!!

Anonymous said...

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